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online courses for resume

HR gets tons and tons of resumes. The only way to make your resume stand out is to highlight your skills. This is where online courses for resumes come in handy. By listing certifications on your resume you can demonstrate unique or in-demand skills. Want to know which certifications to enrol in? This list of the best online courses for resumes can help. Most of the courses listed are available for free of cost. All you have to do is select online courses for resume, schedule your time, and start learning. 

Project Management Certifications 

Every industry has a demand for Project Managers. This is why project Management is one of the best online courses for resumes. A project manager is responsible for all aspects of a project starting from budgeting to setting timelines. Some of the free certifications in project management are: 

online courses for resume
  • Project Management (Great Learning) (1.5 hours)
  • PMP Basics (SkillUp) (9 hours)
  • Project Management (Saylor Academy) (62 hours)

Cybersecurity Certifications 

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing certification programmes in the US. However, there is a shortage of talent. Therefore, obtaining cybersecurity certification can be useful. Cybersecurity certification is one of the best online courses for resumes. These certifications are useful if you are reconnecting your career path. Some of the best cybersecurity courses are: 

  • Cybersecurity Essentials (Cisco Networking Academy) (30 hours)
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity (Cisco Networking Academy) (15 hours)
  • Cybrary certification courses (beginner to advanced)

Data Analyst Certification

As per the World Economic Forum, Data Analyst is one of the most in-demand professions in America. Data Analysis is a method of learning about data and its meaning. Most of the data analysts involve using software to examine data and its patterns. Some of the free data analysts online certifications courses are: 

online courses for resume
  • Data Science 101 (Cognitive Class) (3 hours)
  • Big Data Analysis with Revolution R Enterprise (DataCamp)
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (DataCamp)

Learn all about data analytics courses here

Python Certification

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Python is an in-demand skill. Therefore it is one of the best online courses for resume building. Harvard University’s CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python is an excellent course you can enrol in. However, to enroll you will have to set up an account via GitHub. 

To unlock Harvard’s free certificate, you have to set up an account via GitHub. It’s all explained in the first assignment.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification 

Hubspot is an excellent platform for free online certification. The website is used by several big companies such as Subaru, Doordash, etc. Among all the courses offered By Hubspot inbound marketing is the most popular online course for resumes. The course consists of 11 lessons and takes less than 5 hours to complete. By enrolling in this course you can gain skills as an inbound marketer, and learn content strategies, social media promotions and conversion optimization methods. Some other Hubspot useful certifications are: 

online courses for resume
  • SEO (3:36 hours)
  • Social Media Marketing (4:05 hours)
  • Content Marketing (7:24 hours)
  • Inbound Sales (3:12 hours)
  • Email Marketing (3:45 hours)

Bookkeeping and Accounting Certification 

The bookkeeping and accounting industry offers good growth opportunities. Moreover, the pay can be good. For this reason, enrolling in a booking and accounting certification program is an excellent idea. The best free bookkeeping and accounting online courses for resumes are provided below. By enrolling in these courses you will learn about creating balance sheets, and profit and loss accounts. 

  • Free Online Bookkeeping Courses (Alison)
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting (OpenLearn) (8 hours)

Learn all about developing a career in accounting 

Google Analytics certification

Google Analytics is web analytics used by the majority of the world’s websites. Approximately 28 million websites use this service. Hence, getting a Google Analytics certification can be useful. The certification will demonstrate that you have the knowledge to use the platform to collect and analyze data. Some of the Google Analytics online courses for resumes you can enrol in are provided below. All of these courses are provided by Skillshop 

online courses for resume
  • Use Google Analytics to Meet Your Business Objectives (1.7 hours)
  • Discover the Next Generation of Google Analytics (49 minutes)
  • Go Further with Your Google Analytics Data (46 minutes)
  • Measure Your Marketing with Google Analytics (50 minutes)

 You can also watch the video below to learn about Google Analytics courses in detail 

Credit: @raneshguruparan

Google Ads is one of the most popular ways of online advertisement. A Google Ad can appear on the search engine and offer affiliated websites. There are several opportunities available for those who know Google advertising. Some of the best Google Ads online courses for resume building are provided below. These courses are available on Skillshop for free 

  • Google Ads Search Certification (3.7 hours)
  • Google Ads Display Certification (2.6 hours)
  • Google Ads Apps Certification (2.8 hours)
  • Google Ads Video Certification (4 hours)

Learn all about Google Certification Courses: Details, Eligibility, Fees, & Career

LinkedIn Learning Certification Courses 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online platform for professional networking. Demonstrating valuable certifications from LinkedIn Learning can be useful in getting hired. Users of LinkedIn Learning can find several certification courses on this platform.  Some of the most popular courses on this platform for learning are 

online courses for resume
Credit: LinkedIn Learning 
  • Strategic Thinking course
  • Learning Python
  • Remote Work Foundations
  • Networking Foundations: Networking Basics
  • Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  • Power BI Essential Training

Salesforce Certification Courses 

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management software used by small businesses. The best part is that Salesforce requires no technical knowledge. You can manage customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and sales data on this platform. For this reason, salesforce online courses for resumes are the best. Some of the most popular courses 

Trailhead, a platform provided by Salesforce, is excellent for hands-on learning. In this platform you can learn everything you need to know about Salesforce, Moreover, you can get badges for progressing through various modules. 


Do online courses help resume?

Definitely! An online certification can demonstrate the skills you have acquired. Tailor your CV or resume to list the certifications you have acquired as it can be useful. However, it is important to make sure that the online certification you have acquired is from a credible website. Accredited courses have more value than non-accredited ones. 

What courses can I put on my resume?

Data analytics, cybersecurity, Google Ads certification, and project management certification are excellent courses you can add to your resume. Those who have completed training as a part of an online course can specify the same in the work section. 

Is Coursera good for a resume?

Yes, Coursera is a credible website for e-learning courses. A certification from Coursera can be added to your resume and can improve your job prospects.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details about online courses for resume. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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