10 Amazing Websites to Learn Italian Free

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learn italian free

Learning Italian can be beneficial in understanding Italian music, opera, literature, history, and art. It can also help the learner to learn other European languages easily. Moreover, learning Italian can help in career advancement in  KPO, BPO & MNCs, studying in Italy, among others. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources that can help a person to learn Italian for free. Most of these resources are meant solely for learning purposes. Hence, certification might not be available. Keep reading to learn more about 10 Amazing websites to learn Italian for free.

Websites to learn Italian freeValue 
The Italian Experiment Best open resource 
Duolingo ItalianGamification 
Italian Language and Culture by EdxUniversity learning 
Online Italian ClubStudy materials (A1 level to C2)
Fluent in 3 monthsTips to learn the Italian language 
Italian Pod 101For podcast learning 
Coffee Break Italian20 minutes Italian courses 
YouTube channelFree video content 
FSI Italian Langauge CourseUS government-approved course 
Udemy Free Italian Languages and Courses Free and paid Italian courses 

10 Amazing Websites to Learn Italian Free

Several amazing websites can help a learner to learn Italian for free. Most of these websites provide enough study material for a beginner to start their Italian language journey. On the other hand, some of these websites offer paid content as well. In such cases, the learner can take advantage of the entire course, and a certification is also provided.

The Italian Experiment 

learn italian free
Credit: The Italian Experiment 

The Italian experiment is offering free Italian lessons for beginners. The website is an open resource that can be accessed by anyone. The lesson plan includes topics such as numbers in Italian, days of the week in Italian, months of the year, and asking directions, among others. Additionally, children’s stories translated into Italian are also available.

Price Free


Duolingo Italian

learn italian free
Credit: Duolingo 

Duolingo offers game-like lessons to keep the learner engaged. Moreover, the lessons are personalized and are found to be effective. The Duolingo app can be easily downloaded from PlayStore, and the learner can start learning Italian by spending 5 minutes of their time regularly. Personalized lessons can help a person to improve reading, speaking, and listening skills in the language.

Price Free


Italian Language and Culture by Edx

learn italian free
Credit: Edx

Edx is another popular website/app offering courses to learn Italian free of charge. The Italian Language and Culture courses are provided by the Wellesley College. Notes; the Wellesley College ranks 4 in the  National Liberal Arts Colleges (US News and World Report Ranking). The courses focus on improving the learner’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Course certification is available at a small fee. Otherwise, you can audit the course to learn.

LevelBeginner to advanced 
Duration12 weeks (each course)
CertificationYes (fee is charged)
Price Free (audit)


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Online Italian Club

learn italian free
Credit:  Online Italian Club

The Online Italian Club is another good resource to learn Italian free. However, the learner can find a lot of intrusive ads. On the positive side, the website offers all study materials for a person to go from A1 level to C2. Vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening practice, etc are covered here. Moreover, there is no need to sign up for the course.

DurationSelf paced 
Price Free


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Fluent in 3 months

learn italian free
Credit: Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent in 3 Months is another great website to learn Italian free. The website mainly caters to those looking to learn tips and tricks to learn the language. The Italian course ‘Why is Italian Easy was developed by Benny, an Irish polyglot.  Apart from teaching the shortcuts, Benny also provides a 3 months challenge called ‘ Fluent in 3 months’ that will help a person learn how to hold the first 15 minutes of conversation in Italian.

Price NA


Italian Pod 101

learn italian free
Credit: italianpod101

The Italian Pod 101 is one of the best podcast-learning websites to learn Italian free. The website offers short audio and video lessons for fast learning. Additional tools such as flashcards, slideshows, and quizzes are also available. It is also possible to get personalized guidance from a professional teacher. The website is best suited for those who want to improve their listening, and conversational skills. Several audio lessons are available for free on the website and on YouTube.

Price Free trial for 7 days (premium plan $5.00 Per Month)


Coffee Break Italian

learn italian free
Credit: Coffee Break Academy

The Coffee Break Italian courses are available on the website Coffee Break Academy. The 20-minute Italian courses are best to learn over a cup of coffee. Audio lessons, video lessons, lesson guides and transcripts, and bonus material are available for all learners. Note: this course would cost and no certification is available.

LevelBeginners to advanced 
Price $145 (per course)


YouTube channel

(Credit: @mitocw)

YouTube is one of the best resources to learn Italian for free. Several YouTube channels offer Italian language courses for beginners. For example, the Italianissimo-BBC Italian video course offers 15-minute Italian language learning videos. Another great channel to check out would be ‘MIT Open courseware:‘Speak Italian with your mouth full’. The YouTube channel helps a learner learn Italian and cooking in one go. 

Price Free


FSI Italian Langauge Course

learn italian free
Credit: FSI

FSI Italian language course was created by the US government to train foreign service personnel. Hence, it is a reliable platform to learn Italian free. There are a total of 30 lessons consisting of dialogues for practice and repetition. Learners can download the course content and the listening files.

LevelBeginner to intermediate 
Price Free


Udemy Free Italian Languages and Courses 

learn italian free
Credit: Udemy

Udemy is another great website to learn Italian for free. Udemy offers both free and paid courses. The free courses are best for beginners who want to learn some introductory topics. The paid courses on the other hand come with certification. The lessons are well-structured and are best suited for learners who prefer video content.

DurationVaries (depending on the course)
CertificationNo (free)/Yes (paid)
Price Free (certification: INR 499 per course)


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Best Way to Learn Italian on Your Own

Here we have provided some of the best ways to learn Italian on your own. These tips can help a beginner to learn the language fast.

  • Start learning the alphabet and sound system, The Italian language alphabet is similar to the English language but the sound differs. Hence, is best to start with the alphabet.
  • Next. learn Italian grammar such as articles, nouns, adjectives, and word order.
  • Focus on building vocabulary and learn the basic Italian words and phrases 
  • Try to make learning Italian fun by enrolling in an online course, checking out podcasts, and videos of real native speakers, among others
  • Travel to Italy and speak to the natives to improve their language skills. Another option is to create a small Italy wherever the learner is. That is by consuming native Italian content.

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How can I learn Italian for free?

Several websites offer free Italian language courses. For example, Memrise, Duolingo, ItalianPod101, Live Lingua, FluentU, Coffee Break Italian, etc. Interested students can visit these websites to get study materials, and assistance to learn Italian for free.

Can I learn Italian by myself?

Yes. It is possible to learn Italian by yourself. There are several flashcards, apps, textbooks, games, Italian news, etc that can be found on the internet. By making use of these resources, and by dedicating the time to learn, it is possible to learn the language.

Is it possible to learn Italian in 3 months?

Yes. It is possible to learn Italian within 3 months with the right approach. Students can learn the basics of the language by first learning the language structure, followed by grammar,

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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