Top 7 Free Online Medical Interpreter Training Resources 

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medical interpreter training online free

Are you interested in becoming a medical interpreter? Then, a medical interpreter online course is perfect for you. A medical interpreter is employed in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare environments. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, interpreters usually have an annual average income of  $51,830. A medical interpreter training online free can give you the head start to become a medical interpreter and get employed. This blog has provided some of the best medical interpreter training online free courses.

Course Value
Alison Medical Interpreter Courses Free medical interpreter courses with a certificate 
Medical Interpreter Training ModuleLearn from the University of Minnesota interpreters 
NexPed Free Resources For Interpreters and TranslatorsBest place to find AUSIT medical interpreter resources for free 
Resources for InterpretersAccess several courses for online medical interpreter training 
Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. StudentsLearn medical terminology from the University of Pittsburgh instructors 
The Medical Interpreter OnlineGet 1 free medical interpreter class 
ALTA Medical Interpreter Online Course Medical interpreter online classes in different languages (paid)

Top 7 Medical Interpreter Training Online Free

Here is a list of the six best medical interpreter courses available online. You can take these courses online in the comfort of your own home. We have included course details such as fees, duration, and other information for your convenience. Note: there are only 100% free medical interpreters. The rest of the courses come with hidden charges.

Alison Medical Interpreter Courses 

medical interpreter training online free
Credit: Alison

Alison offers some of the finest medical interpreter training online free courses. You can enrol in certification programs and diploma programs on this website. Popular courses include a diploma in understanding medical terminologies, a diploma in medical coding and billing, medical and clinical administration certificate. Etc. All of the courses provided are CPD accredited and come with a certificate. Generally, a course comprises pre-recorded videos, lectures and readings. There is a final assessment that you will have to complete.

Level Beginner
Duration2-4 hours (for certification programs), 10-15 hours (for diploma programs)

Website: https://alison.com/careers/health/medical-interpreter

Medical Interpreter Training Module

medical interpreter training online free

The University of Minnesota is offering top-notch medical interpreter training online for free. This is a YouTube video series consisting of 4 modules. You will learn everything about the basics of medical interpretation, guidelines for healthcare workers and interpreters, and pitfalls for interpreters and healthcare professionals. The entire course can be completed within an hour. However, you will not receive a certificate as this is a YouTube video course.

Level Beginner
Duration10-20 minutes per video


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NexPed Free Resources For Interpreters and Translators

medical interpreter training online free

Nex Pred is offering top-notch medical interpreter training online for free. On this website, you will find excellent journals, translator magazines, and guidelines to empower language professionals in their journey towards professional development. By enrolling, you can Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) resources for free. There are no hidden charges. However, certification is not available as this is not a course.

Level Beginner


Resources for Interpreters

medical interpreter training online free

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has listed several resources for interpreters on its official website. On this website, you can find several medical interpreter training online free courses. For example, the National Board of Certification For Medical Interpreters, Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters Community, Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters Community, Language Testing International, and Century College Translation and Interpreting Program, among others. These resources may or may not be free. You can also find Medical and Clinical Terminology Courses.

Level Beginner


Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students

medical interpreter training online free
Credit: Coursera

The University of Pittsburgh offers a clinical terminology course online. There are 6 modules that you must complete. In these modules, you will learn about clinical terms and abbreviations, decoding complex medical terms, advanced decoding strategies for clinical terms, diseases of bodily systems, laboratory systems and diagnostic procedures and more. Their course is perfect for beginners who want to learn about cynical terminology to become a medical interpreter. Each module consists of videos, quizzes, discussions, and readings.

Level Beginner
Duration34 hours to complete
FeeFree (Audit)
CertificationYes (Paid)


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The Medical Interpreter Online

medical interpreter training online free

Blue Horizon’s The Medical Interpreter Online (TIMO) is an excellent medical interpreter training online free course. The course is best for those seeking a proper introduction to medical interpreting. TIMO is the only authorized medical-only online version of The Community Interpreter® International. The 5 module course consists of 22 short courses and 3 video presentations.  More than 240 interactive activities, 22 role plates (in 9 language pairs), skill-building activities,  and videos included. The certification obtained is recognised as well.

Level Beginner
Duration40 hours
Fee1 class is for free (later payment$390.00)


ALTA Medical Interpreter Online Course 

medical interpreter training online free

ALTA provided another excellent medical interpreter training online. The course consists of 20 learning modules with video lectures, a student roleplay workbook, an interactive online coursebook, a bilingual medical glossary, and a 16-week study guide to keep you on track. There is a final exam after which you will receive a certificate.  The certificate obtained fulfils the 3 of the criteria to take a CCHI or NBCMI exam. You can choose between several languages to take the course. For example, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, French, Spanish, etc. The drawback? This is a paid course.

Level Beginner
Duration40 hours
Fee$675( one time payment) There is money back guarantee


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Highest Salary of a Medical Interpreter 

The salary of a medical interpreter varies depending on the country, and the organization you are in. The salary is also influenced by your qualifications including work experience. Below, we have provided the highest annual salary of a medical interpreter in different countries.

DesignationCountryAnnual Salary
Medical interpreter USAUSD 55,772
Medical interpreterAustraliaAUD 99,161
Medical interpreterUKEUR 50,599
Medical interpreterNew Zealand NEZ 18,871 
Medical interpreterIndiaINR 44,291


How do you qualify to be an interpreter?

You can become an interpreter in the UK by getting a university degree or applying directly as a medical interpreter. You can also apply for volunteering, and get work as an interpreter. Another way to become a medical interpreter is to enroll in a specialist course run by a professional body.

What is the way to train as an interpreter?

To become an interpreter you need to complete your education. Then you need to gain entry-level work experience by working with an organization, clinic or hospital that needs language interpretation. Getting a relevant certificate in the field can also be useful.

What is electronic medical interpretation?

The electronic medical interpretation course (EMI) means to digitally facilitate the interpretation of medical language and terms across different languages. This is done to ensure smooth communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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