Top 9 Certification in Elderly Care You Must Know About

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certificate in elderly care

Online Certifications in Elderly Care is an excellent course for those seeking a career as a caregiver, patient advocate, certified nursing assistant, social worker, occupational therapist, etc. Elderly care is also a great rewarding career. There are several certifications in elderly care that you can enrol in online. These certifications are provided by e-learning platforms, universities, and other institutions. An online certificate in elderly care is affordable and flexible. Keep reading to learn more about the best certification in Elderly care.

Knowledge and Skills for Dementia Care: the SSLD ApproachUniversity of Toronto certification
20 Elderly Care CoursesFree courses with certification
Udemy Elderly Care Courses Variety of courses on elderly care
Understand the essential principles of elderly careBest government (UK) funded course on elderly care 
Responsible Medication Prescribing for Older AdultsMount Sinai course certification for advanced learners 
Online Level 2 Certificate in Caring for the ElderlyBest elderly care course for part-time learners 
Certificate in Elder Care Coordination (CECC) Online ProgramPlenty of resources were provided to complete the course 
Workplace Safety, Emergency Care, and Infection ControlOsmosis  course certification
Online Human Services  Certificate IN Elder Care Services Gain skills required by employers for elderly care 

Top Certifications in Elderly Care

Here is a list of the top certifications in Elderly Care. The course duration, fees, and other details are provided for your convenience.

Knowledge and Skills for Dementia Care: the SSLD Approach

certificate in elderly care
Credit: Coursera

The University of Toronto offers one of the finest certificates in elderly care. This certification program consists of 7 modules. You will learn everything about dementia and dementia care from an SSLD perspective. This includes community care, in-home support, and long-term care. The course is meant for beginners and comes with a certificate.

Duration29 hours 

Website: https://www.coursera.org/learn/dementia-healthcare

20 Elderly Care Courses

certificate in elderly care

Alison offers 20 elderly care courses for beginners. Popular courses include nursing and elderly care, elderly care and caring for the disabled,  diploma in nursing and patient care, becoming a care assistant, clinical governance in UK adult care, and more. All of these courses are CPD accredited. Each course consists of video-based content and reading. A certificate is also available.

Duration2-4 hours for certification and 10-15 hours for short diploma course


Learn how to become a nurse 

Udemy Elderly Care Courses 

certificate in elderly care

Udemy offers several short certificate in elderly care. Some of the popular courses include the Elderly Home Cae Certification Course, Home Health Aide, Nurse Aide, Caregiver Certification, Elder Care Solutions, Diploma in Health and Social Care, Diploma in Geriatric Medicine, and more. Generally, each course consists of pre-recorded video content and other downloadable resources such as Pdf.  A course certificate is given after completion of each course.

FeesStarts at INR 399


Understand the essential principles of elderly care

certificate in elderly care

Free Courses in the UK is offering a free certificate in Elderly care. This course is available for anyone who wishes to understand elderly care. The course is flexible and is 100% funded by the UK government. This makes it a reliable platform to obtain a certificate. You need to dedicate 12 weeks to complete this certification program. You can create an account with them to start learning .

Duration6-12 weeks


Responsible Medication Prescribing for Older Adults

certificate in elderly care

Mount Sinai offers an excellent certificate in elderly care. The Responsible Medication Prescribing for Older Adults is a 5 module course. You will learn about medication management and the physiology of ageing, key concepts in prescribing for older adults, tools and strategies to reduce inappropriate prescribing and more. The drawback? This is an advanced-level course. Hence, you need some knowledge of the topic before enrolling in this course.

Duration4 hours


Online Level 2 Certificate in Caring for the Elderly

certificate in elderly care
Credit: camre.ac.uk

Cambridge Regional College offers one of the top-notch certificate in elderly care. This certification program is for Level 2 learners. The course is available for part-time learners.  By enrolling you will develop your knowledge of caring for the elderly,  learn about common health issues, and elderly care legislation. You need to complete an English assessment before learning. You will be allocated a tutor to assist you. Should you fail to complete the program you will have to pay administrative charges.

Duration12 weeks


Learn how to become a medical assistant 

Certificate in Elder Care Coordination (CECC) Online Program

certificate in elderly care

Life Care Planning’s certificate in Elderly care coordination is one of the best. This certificate prorgam comprises of 3 courses that you need to complete within 5 weeks. You will learn the topics through the online Blackboard Course Management System. You will receive PowerPoint Lectures/Units (some with voiceover and video clips), , bulletin-board-style discussions, assigned readings, links to online resources, and additional reading. This is an asynchronous program.

Duration15 weeks
FeesUSD 1,800.00 – 1,600 


Workplace Safety, Emergency Care, and Infection Control

certificate in elderly care

Osmosis offers a Foundations of Client Care program. This certificate  in Elderly care is the second part of the prorgam. In this course, you will learn about the basic principles of health and safety protocols, different types of workplace emergencies, identify how to stay safe and keep clients safe in case of dangerous circumstances, etc. This is a self-paced course for beginners. You will receive a certificate after course completion. 

Duration2 weeks
FeesINR 4,080


Learn about Medical Courses Without NEET After 12th in 2024

Online Human Services Certificate IN Elder Care Services 

certificate in elderly care

In this prorgam, (by Prude University) you will gain the skills and knowledge needed by older adults and employers. There are a total of 8 courses that you need to complete. You can learn from professors who have experience in the subject. To enrol in this course, you must be a high school graduate or possess a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or an equivalent diploma. You will receive a certificate in elderly care after completing the course.

Duration11 months (43 credits)



What are the 7 physical needs of the elderly?

The 7 physical needs of the elderly are 
Medication management
Nutritional needs 
Sleep and Rest 
Personal Hygiene
Pain Management, and 
Regular health checkups

How long is the geriatric care course?

Generally, a geriatric care course duration is 1 year. However, certification courses of less duration are available

What kind of care does an elderly person need?

There are a total of 8 needs that an elderly person needs/ They are:
Home Safety.
Medical Needs.
Family Support.
Cognitive Health.
Personal Hygiene.
Social Interaction
Meal Preparation

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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