Tough Cookie Meaning, Examples and Synonyms

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Tough Cookie Meaning is a person who can handle challenging circumstances and is not easily defeated, scared, or upset. When you describe someone as a tough cookie, you are referring to their strong will and determination. It is usually used for someone who is emotionally very strong.

He/she is a tough cookie is a Dutch proverb that originally read “hij/zij is een ouwe taaie” (an old tough). Because ‘taai taai’ is the brand name of the cookie itself (and it gets much tougher when it is old! ), ‘cookie’ / ‘koekje’ is omitted.

Usage with Example

Given below are a few examples of the idiom:

  • Being a tough cookie, he got back up and returned to the ring for more fighting.
  • To become a lawyer while supporting a family, you need to be a Tough Cookie.
  • My coworkers are very Tough Cookie they were hard workers but also warm and considerate people.
  • He claimed that his wife, a breast cancer survivor who fought the disease for almost ten years, is a tough cookie.
  • Be ready because he’s one tough cookie, as I’ll tell you now.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

A few synonyms of the idiom are:

  • Survivor
  • Trooper
  • tough girl
  • tough nut to crack
  • hardass
  • strong person
  • tough nut
  • tough woman
  • hard nut
  • someone powerful

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She turned into a  Tough Cookie today after 

  • getting scolded so badly by the manager.
  • Eating sweets
  • Running for 2 hours

Answer: getting scolded so badly by the manager.

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