Call It A Day Meaning, Definition, Sentences

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call it a day meaning

The meaning of the idiom call it a day is when you stop doing a particular activity for the rest of the day.

This phrase originated when a worker was leaving for home before finishing his task and was originally related to the phrase “call it half a day” found in 1838. Employees used it to say goodbye to work before the workday ended.

The expression “call it a day” first appeared in 1919, while “call it a night” first appeared in 1938 by employees who worked at night.

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Usage With Examples

The idiom call it a day is said when you feel you have done enough for the day and don’t want to do that activity anymore. Mentioned below are the examples where you can use the idiom call it a day:

  • After these two questions, we’ll call it a day.
  • If you’re tired, let’s call it a day.
  • It’s hard to work without electricity, shall we call it a day?

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Call It a Day

Mentioned below are the synonyms for call it a day:

  • Call it quits
  • Wrap up
  • Finish
  • Quit
  • End

Let’s Call It A Day Meaning Quiz

Let’s call it a day and go to the movies. What does this mean?

  • Call it Quits
  • Work harder
  • Tired

Ans. Call it quits

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