The Last Straw Meaning, Usage With Examples, Synonyms and Quiz

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The last straw

The last straw meaning is a situation or condition which seems like the final and intolerable annoyance or burden that leads to any decisive action or reaction. This idiom originated from the expression, ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, which is related to an old proverbial image of a camel who is loaded with straws until one single straw is added, resulting in breaking its back.

The last straw symbolises the culmination of a series of problems or situations that cause difficulties that have been building up over time. When someone says that it is the last straw, it means that this is the last of many problems that have been disturbing or annoying and that cross one’s limit and instigates them to take action or come to a conclusion.

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Usage with Examples

The last straw is one of the many phrases that can be used in everyday language to describe any situation where someone has reached their limit of tolerance and are now about to take an action or react to something. Consider this example, ‘After weeks of unreliable service, the WiFi connection going out again was the last straw. I’ve made the decision to end this subscription.’

Here are some more examples of the idiom ‘the last straw’ which will give you ideas about how to use them in a sentence or situation.

  • ‘John always cancels our road trip plans at the last minute. If he follows the same pattern again, it will be the last straw. I’ll decide to take a break from our friendship.’
  • ‘My brother always makes a mess of the house by throwing things here and there. He did it again this morning and it was the last straw. I’ve decided that now I’ll not clean his room.’
  • One of my colleagues has been disturbing me for the past month and that too after I warned him multiple times. When he disturbed me during my project submission, it was the last straw. So I decided to complain about this to HR.’

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Similar Words and Synonyms to the Last Straw

The last straw idiom has numerous synonyms and similar words that can be used in different conditions and types. Here’s a list of some of the similar words to the idiom the last straw.

  • Last lick
  • Match in the power barrel
  • Final stroke
  • Affront
  • Limit

The Last Straw Meaning Quiz

I’ve been trying to make some savings by last week when my air conditioner got damaged and needed expensive repairs, it was the last straw. So I….

  1. Bought a new air conditioner
  2. Got it repaired
  3. Decided to create a strict budget and stick to it

Ans. 3. Decided to create a strict budget and stick to it.

This was all about the last straw idiom with its example and synonyms. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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