At the 11th Hour Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The phrase “at the 11th hour” is an idiomatic expression that means at the last possible moment or just before a deadline. It suggests that something is happening or being done in the final moments before a crucial event or situation. 

The term originated from the biblical parable of the workers in the vineyard, where those hired at the 11th hour received the same reward as those who had worked all day.

In a broader sense, “at the 11th hour” can refer to any situation where action or intervention takes place when time is running out or when it seems almost too late to achieve a desired outcome. 

It implies a sense of urgency and often conveys the idea that there was little time to spare or that the situation was in a critical state before the last-minute action was taken.

Usage with Examples

The phrase “at the 11th hour” can be used in various contexts to convey a sense of urgency or the idea that something is happening or being done just in time. Here are a few examples of how the phrase can be used:

  • The company was about to miss the deadline, but they managed to deliver the project at the 11th hour.” This sentence suggests that the project was completed just in time, narrowly avoiding a delay.
  • “The students hadn’t started their group presentation until the night before it was due, but they pulled an all-nighter and finished it at the 11th hour.” This example, it conveys that the students completed their presentation just before the deadline, despite their last-minute start.
  • “The negotiations were at a standstill, but a compromise was reached at the 11th hour, avoiding a potential conflict.” Here, it indicates that a resolution was reached right before a critical point, preventing further issues.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to at the 11th Hour 

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words to the 11th hour:

  • Last minute
  • Eleventh-hour
  • Just in time
  • 11th-hour
  • In the nick of time
  • Down to the wire
  • Final hour
  • Last-ditch effort
  • 59th minute
  • Urgent
  • Critical moment
  • Deadline-driven
  • Time-sensitive

At the 11th-Hour Idiom Meaning Quiz

The team completed the project at the 11th hour.

a) The team finished the project early.

b) The team finished the project just before the deadline.

c) The team finished the project without any difficulties.

Correct answer: b) The team finished the project just before the deadline.

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