To Catch One’s Eye Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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To Catch One’s Eye

The idiom “to catch one’s eye” means to attract someone’s attention or to be noticed by someone due to its striking or interesting appearance or qualities. It implies that something stands out from the ordinary and grabs a person’s focus or interest.

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Usage with Examples

  • The colourful artwork in the gallery immediately caught my eye as I walked in.
  • Her unique sense of fashion always manages to catch everyone’s eye at social events.
  • The sparkling diamond ring in the jewellery store window caught his eye, and he couldn’t resist going inside to take a closer look.

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Some of the synonyms and related phrases to “To catch one’s eye” are:

  • Grab one’s attention
  • Attract notice
  • Draw someone’s gaze
  • Stand out
  • Make an impression

To Catch One’s Eye Idiom Meaning Quiz

Which of the following is the synonyms of “to catch one’s eye” idiom:

  1. Turn heads
  2. Displease
  3. Offend
  4. Discourage

The answer to this question is “Turn heads”.

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