Pull Yourself Together Idiom Meaning, with Example

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pull yourself together

The phrase “pull yourself together” is an idiomatic expression used to encourage someone to regain control over their emotions, behaviour, or situation.

It is typically said to someone who is in a state of distress, disarray, or confusion, urging them to compose themselves, gather their thoughts, and regain their composure.

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Usage with Example

The phrase can be used in various situations, such as when someone is overwhelmed by stress, grief, or anger, and it serves as a gentle reminder to regain control and deal with the situation more effectively.

Mentioned below are a few examples of pull yourself together:

  • The coach gave a pep talk to the team, urging them to pull themselves together.
  • Despite facing financial difficulties, Tom knew he had to pull himself together.
  • After receiving some negative feedback at work John pulled himself together to address the concerns and make improvements.
  • Jane realized she needed to pull herself together and regain her motivation to pursue her goals.

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Synonyms and Similar Words To Pull Yourself Together

Here are a few synonyms and similar words to pull yourself together:

  • Get over it
  • Pull yourself together
  • Snap out of it
  • Get your act together
  • Regain your composure

Pull Yourself Together Quiz

Jane realized she needed to pull herself together and:

  • regain her motivation to pursue her goals.
  • procrastinate her goals.
  • take a quick nap every day.

Answer: pull herself together and pursue her goals.

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