What Does Playing Devil’s Advocate Mean, Example, Synonyms

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The idiom playing devil’s advocate means a person who advocates an opposing or an unpopular cause for the sake of an argument. 

The purpose of playing devil’s advocate is to challenge the prevailing opinion or assumptions in order to stimulate critical thinking, encourage a more balanced consideration of the issue, or test the strength of an argument. 

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Usage with Examples

By adopting the devil’s advocate role, a person aims to provoke thoughtful debate and explore alternative perspectives, even if those perspectives are unpopular or contrary to their own beliefs. 

The term originates from the notion of a person arguing against the accepted belief or opinion, much like the role of the devil in theological discussions.

Mentioned below are some examples where you can use the idiom playing devil’s advocate:

  • Riya’s class teacher often played devil’s advocate with her students so that they could have an interesting discussion. 
  • Sam decided to play devil’s advocate only to know what the opposite team might say. 
  • The defense lawyer played devil’s advocate by explaining that the truth could be the opposite of the way it looked. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Playing Devils Advocate

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words for the idiom:

  • Put on 
  • Make believe
  • Pretend
  • Act out
  • Play the innocent

Playing Devil’s Advocate Meaning Quiz

The parliament is a house of devil’s advocate, as you would:

  • Often spot politicians supporting reasonable arguments
  • Witness politicians indulging in a trifle/petty debate
  • Generally see politicians speak out of turn unreasonably

Answer: Generally see politicians speak out of turn unreasonably

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