Lend a Hand Meaning with Example

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lend a hand

The phrase “lend a hand” is an idiomatic expression that means to offer assistance or help someone with a task or situation. It implies providing support, aid, or physical assistance to someone who needs it. It can be used in both literal and figurative contexts, depending on the situation.

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Usage with Examples

The phrase “lend a hand” suggests a temporary act of help or support, emphasizing that the assistance is being offered willingly and temporarily as if borrowing the use of one’s hand for a specific purpose. Mentioned below are a few examples of lend a hand:

  1. Can you lend a hand with moving this heavy furniture?
  2. I’m having trouble carrying all these groceries. Could you lend a hand?
  3. Our team is short-handed today. Can you lend a hand and help us out?
  4. My neighbor is moving next week, and I offered to lend a hand with packing.

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Synonyms and Similar Words To Lend a Hand

Here are some synonyms for the idiom lend a hand:

  • Give assistance
  • Render aid
  • Be there for
  • Stand by
  • Offer a helping hand

Lend a Hand Quiz

The school is looking for volunteers to lend a hand

  • during the summer holidays.
  • After the school hours.
  • During the field trip.

Answer: during the field trip

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