Top 7 Idioms for Best Friend You Should Know!

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Idioms are vital linguistic tools, conveying complex ideas with brevity and cultural nuance. They enhance communication, fostering shared understanding and connections between speakers. Idioms also enrich the language, adding color and depth to expression, making conversations engaging and memorable.

Here are seven idioms related to a best friend along with their suitable examples in the blog article below.

Bosom Buddy

Meaning: A close and trusted friend with whom you share a deep bond. 

Example: “Sarah and I have been bosom buddies since childhood; we tell each other everything.”

Kindred Spirit

Meaning: Someone who shares similar beliefs, interests, or attitudes, making them a soulmate-like friend. 

Example: “When I met Alex, it was like finding a kindred spirit; we both love exploring nature and art.”

Ride or Die

Meaning: A friend who is incredibly loyal and willing to support you no matter what challenges or situations arise. 

Example: “Jake has always been my ride or die; he stood by me during my toughest times.”

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Partner in Crime

Meaning: A friend with whom you engage in mischievous or fun activities, often implying a strong and adventurous bond. 

Example: “Whenever Lisa and I get together, we become partners in crime, seeking out new and exciting experiences.”

Amigo/a for Life

Meaning: A Spanish idiom used to refer to a friend who will be by your side throughout your entire life. 

Example: “Carlos is my amigo for life; we’ve shared countless memories and experiences.”

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Rock of Gibraltar

Meaning: A steadfast and reliable friend who offers unwavering support and stability. 

Example: “During my ups and downs, Emily has been my rock of Gibraltar, always there to provide a listening ear.”

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Meaning: A friend who shares similar goals or interests, often used in the context of comrades who fight together for a common cause. 

Example: “As we worked late into the night to finish the project, Jeremy proved to be a true comrade-in-arms.”

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