Diamond in the Rough Meaning, Examples and Synonyms 

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Diamond in the Rough

The meaning of the idiom ‘Diamond in the Rough’ is unrefined talent i.e. something or someone that possesses good characteristics but needs polishing. This idiom can be used for the person who has a very pleasant and polite character but lacks education, style, manner or any other characteristic which would enhance the potential of the candidate and compliments his/her personality. 

It could also be said that ‘diamond in the rough’ refers to any entity that acquires exceptional potential but lacks recognition or refinements that may add-on to the beauty of that particular entity.

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Usage with Examples

The idiom ‘diamond in the rough’ originates from the process of cutting and polishing of diamonds. Similar to the process of refinement of diamond by polishing and cutting, any unpolished entity/person requires refinement in the form of guidance, nurturing or development so that they could unveil their shine and excellence. 

This idiom also suggests that excellence could be discovered in most unexpected thing if we try to polish and find it.

Mentioned below are some examples of the idiom ‘diamond in the rough:’

  • A dancer performing with a huge wing prop was showcasing exceptional talent. Despite the huge size of the prop her dancing skills were shining through like diamonds in the rough.
  • A person could face harsh times in the initial stages of the career but with time, guidance and dedication, one could transform themselves into a diamond in the rough.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Diamond in the Rough

Mentioned below are the synonyms and similar words to the idiom ‘diamond in the rough:’

  • Unrefined Talent
  • Hidden gem
  • Rough gem
  • Unpolished gem
  • Undiscovered treasure
  • Raw potential

Diamond in the Rough Meaning Quiz

What does it mean by rough diamond?

  1. Unveiled potential
  2. Raw diamond
  3. B design of the diamond

Ans: a. Unveiled potential

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