A Cash Cow Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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A Cash Cow Meaning

The idiom “cash cow” refers to a business, product, or investment that consistently generates a significant amount of profit or revenue with minimal effort or investment required to maintain its success.

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Usage with Examples

These are the examples where “a cash cow” idiom can be used:

  • While the product is a cash cow for the company, many argue that its lack of innovation.
  • Some experts caution that relying too heavily on a single cash cow can be risky, as market conditions can change.
  • The book series turned into a cash cow for the author, leading to movie adaptations, and a loyal fanbase.

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Some of the synonyms and related phrases are:

  • Moneymaker
  • Gold Mine
  • Breadwinner
  • Money-spinner

A Cash Cow Meaning Quiz

Which of the following is the antonym of “a cash cow” idiom:

  • Profit centre
  • Steady earner
  • Cash generator
  • Financial burden

The answer to the following question is Financial burden.

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This was all about the idiom a cash cow meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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