Bundle of Nerves Meaning, Definition, Example, Synonyms 

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The idiom Bundle of nerves meaning is specific to a person who is extremely nervous or anxious. However, a person can only become nervous when there is a tense, fearful, edgy situation, or when he commits any mistake, etc. 

The term ‘bundle’ here refers to a collection or a group, and ‘nerves’ refer to the nervous system of the human body. When someone is described as a bundle of nerves, it means they are so anxious that their nerves are bundled up and tightly wound. 

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Usage with Examples

The usage of the Bundle of Nerves is well-suited to symbolise a group of people who are easily stressed, worried, or agitated.

Let’s take a closer look at these examples to master the usage of the idiom Bundle of Nerves with meaning: 

  • Jane was a bundle of nerves before her big presentation at work.
  • The athlete was a bundle of nerves before the championship game.
  • I always become a bundle of nerves before flying on an aeroplane.
  • I get a bundle of nerves when he asked me out for a date. 

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Bundle of Nerves Synonyms

You can also use these synonymous phrases of the bundle of nerves having similar meanings:

  • Anxious wreck
  • Nervous wreck
  • Jittery
  • Frazzled
  • Highly strung

Bundle of Nerves Meaning Quiz

Choose the correct option to complete the sentence: “The bride was a bundle of nerves…”

  • On her wedding day.
  • When she got a divorce right after her wedding night. 
  • After getting comforted by her friends for new life.  

Answer: On her wedding day.

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