9+ Antonyms of Consent, with Meaning and Examples

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Consent Antonyms

Consent must be freely given without any coercion, manipulation, or pressure from others. It should be a genuine choice made by the individual. Some common antonyms of consent are deny, reject, refuse, forbid etc.

Consent is a voluntary and informed agreement or permission given by an individual, typically in response to a specific request or proposition. It involves a person willingly and consciously agreeing to something, whether it’s a proposal, a course of action, a medical procedure, a contractual agreement, or any other matter that requires authorization or approval.

Antonyms of Abstinence, with Meaning and Examples

A few common antonyms of consent are listed below for your easy reference:

  1. Deny
  2. Oppose
  3. Object
  4. Forbid
  5. Disapprove
  6. Disallow
  7. Refuse
  8. Decline
  9. Reject
  10. Prohibit

Usage with Examples

Some common antonyms with their sentence examples are listed below for your easy reference:

  • He decided to decline the invitation to the party due to a prior commitment.
  • Smoking is prohibited in most public buildings to ensure a smoke-free environment.
  • The judge had to deny the defendant’s request for bail due to the seriousness of the charges.
  • His parents strongly disapproved of his decision to drop out of college.
  • The publisher had to reject the manuscript because it didn’t meet their quality standards.

Unpleasant Antonyms, with Meaning and Examples

Choose the correct antonym for consent from the below given options:

  • Forbid
  • Gentle
  • Progressive

Answer: Forbid

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