Absolute Phrase Meaning, Examples, and Structure in Sentences

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An absolute phrase is a set of words that provides extra details about the entire sentence, it does not need to be directly connected to the main sentence. It usually contains a noun and a participle an “ing” verb form working like an adjective or a verb phrase with “being.” Commonly, it is separated from the primary sentence by commas. Nonetheless, the noun is the foremost word in the absolute phrase. 

In this blog, you will learn in detail about absolute phrases’ meaning and function along with example sentences to avoid grammatical errors while using these phrases in English

Absolute Phrase – Meaning

An absolute phrase is a set of words that change a whole sentence. Most often, it includes a noun or pronoun, and a participle in the phrasal form. Also, it includes a present participle that ends with -ing in its verb form. Moreover, it cannot stand independently as a sentence because the phrase is incomplete without participle.

How to Identify Absolute Phrase?

Absolute phrases are like small extra details you can add to a sentence. They function as adverbs, but instead of changing a single word such as a verb, they add details about the whole sentence to clarify communication. Here are some key points you should note to identify these phrases: 

  • Formation: A noun or pronoun, along with a participle (like “flying” or “having eaten”) and any modifiers it might have.
  • What they do: They deliver extra context or explanation to the sentence, making it more vivid or interesting.
  • Not essential: You can remove the absolute phrase and the sentence will still be grammatically correct, but it might lose some flavour.

17+ Absolute Phrase Example Sentences

Below are some examples that you can refer to while mastering the usage of absolute phrases in English grammar

  1. Tired from the hike, they collapsed onto the couch.
  2. The sun rising over the mountains, they began their trek. 
  3. Dinner simmering on the stove, they went outside to water the plants.
  4. Feeling under the weather, we chose to stay home from work.
  5. Laughter echoed through the room, the kids played tag. 
  6. With the deadline looming, they pulled an all-nighter to complete the pending project.
  7. Confused by the instructions, they called customer service for help.
  8. The leaves were turning golden, and autumn had reached.
  9. Chosen to succeed, he overcame all obstacles.
  10. With a twinkle in her eye, the grandmother told a story. 
  11. The game linked in the final seconds, and the crowd held its breath. 
  12. Having practised for weeks, the musician delivered an excellent performance.
  13. All things thought it was a good decision.
  14. Thanks to your help, he finished the task on time.
  15. Weather permitting, they’ll have the picnic outdoors.
  16. The bread was baking in the oven, the mouthwatering aroma filled the kitchen. 
  17. Disappointed by the outcome, they determined to try again.
  18. The movie was finally over, and they shuffled out of the theatre.
  19. Being a skilled intermediate, he confirmed a good deal.
  20. Lost in a good book, he didn’t listen to the doorbell.

Absolute Phrase Worksheet 

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What are absolute phrases?

A phrase that can change the noun of the primary phrase and does not make use of a conjunction to be related to the sentence is called an absolute phrase. Rather than a conjunction, it uses a comma to form a connection. For example, Richa was shouting, her lungs out of air.

What are absolute phrase examples?

A common example of the absolute phrase is weather allowing/helping. ‘Weather permitting’, we will hold the bake sale in front of the school. Weather is the required noun, and permitting is the required modifier. The absolute phrase changes the rest of the sentence by explaining the condition under which the bake sale will be held outside.

This was all about absolute phrases, their meanings, examples, and related information in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the page of Learn English on the Leverage Edu website for more exciting and informative blogs.

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