To Cause Bad Blood Idiom, Usage With Example, Synonyms

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To cause bad blood

To cause bad blood idiom means to cause a feeling of resentment or bitterness or anger between individuals or groups. This phrase suggests that something has caused damage between people, affecting their relationship and resulting in tension, hatred and negative emotions.

To cause bad blood idiom is used to describe a situation where interactions have been hampered or become strained and trust is broken, where a sense of animosity is developed between parties.

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Usage With Example

The phrase ‘to cause bad blood’ can be used in various situations and aspects of life. Consider this example, ‘The way she managed the situation at the workplace caused bad blood between her and her co-workers, hampering their work efficiency.’ This sentence means that the actions of a woman caused tension between the employees. Here are some more examples using this phrase that you can consider.

  • ‘Borrowing money from a close friend without repaying them on time can cause tension in their relationship.’
  • ‘Her constant criticism of her co-worker’s work started to cause bad blood in the office, leading to a tense and unproductive work environment.’
  • ‘There was a disagreement over the finance and tech departments, which caused bad blood within the company.’
  • ‘Heated debates about political topics can cause bad blood among individuals on social media as everyone has their own opinions and point of views.’

To Cause Bad Blood Similar Terms

The phrase ‘to cause bad blood’ has a lot of synonyms and similar terms that can be used interchangeably. Here are some similar phrases that can be considered.

  • Stir up trouble
  • Drive a wedge
  • Rub someone the wrong way
  • Estrange relationships
  • Fuel resentment

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To Cause Bad Blood Quiz

Lack of communication and trust can cause bad blood between couples, leading to 

  1. A good relationship bond
  2. A breakdown in their relationship
  3. Discomfort and hatred

Ans. A breakdown in their relationship.

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