LITA Spanish Immersion Program: Meaning, Why Choose LITA, Other Programs

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High school students can participate in LITA, a full-immersion programme that provides a dynamic experience distinct from English-speaking travel. Through intensive homestay experiences in small communities, internships, small, personalised groups of 12–16 students, and three group leaders, participants enhance their language abilities. 

In addition, via a secure, organised, and customised immersion experience, kids gain a proper grasp of Spanish culture. Read the blog article below and learn more about LITA Spanish Immersion Program immediately!

Types & SubjectsHomestays, Experiential Learning and Language Immersion
Program Duration2-4 weeks5-8 weeks
Age Requirement 14-17
NationalityAll Nationalities
Cost in USD per week$1500-2000
Required QualificationSpanish
Application ProcedureOnline Application
Official Websitehttps://www.experiencelita.com/ 

What is LITA? 

The term LITA makes reference to the philosophical underpinnings of the programme: a Spanish word with the diminutive “ita” ending that frequently signifies something little and individual and is something or someone towards whom one feels tremendous affection. This influences every aspect of LITA programmes.

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Why Choose LITA Spanish Immersion? 

LITA is a great option to choose if you want to study in Spain. Students will have to spend about 5 weeks which includes a week homestay in Northern or Southern Spain. Additionally, students will have optional internship options with local businesses and also an opportunity to engage in an independent research program with LITA. Along with learning about food, music, history, and environment, you’ll have the chance to travel around rural Spain.

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+5 Spanish Immersion Program Available for Students

There are a variety of Spanish immersion programs available for students who are willing to study Spanish. The list of the other programs except LITA is listed below for your easy reference:

  • LITA
  • Agualivar Spanish School
  • Maximo Nivel
  • Tico Lingo
  • Buenos Aires TEFL Institute
  • Spanish In Nature
  • Linguistic Horizons

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Things to Consider While Studying Spanish Abroad

There are a few things students must consider before choosing the perfect Spanish learning program for themselves from abroad. The list of the things one should consider is mentioned below for your easy reference. Let’s explore! 

  • You will get the chance to travel around rural Spain in addition to learning about the culture, history, music, and ecology of that region. 
  • Despite being widely spoken and one of the most sought-after languages, each of these countries has its own dialects and accents. Therefore, it is suggested that one must hunt for chances in the same region. 
  • Moreover, if you have a certain location in mind for where you intend to adopt a career placement later on following your Spanish study programme, you must figure that out as soon as possible in order to prevent dialectic variations and confusion later on in your career. 
  • Programmes for learning Spanish abroad might last from a few weeks to a few months. Although it is quite rare for anybody to fully master the Spanish language in just a few weeks, a quick and compact Spanish study programme might be useful in determining whether you want to continue on this route or not.


How long does it take to complete the LITA Spanish immersion program? 

It takes 2-4 weeks or 5-8 weeks to complete the LITA Spanish immersion program. 

Are there any Spanish immersion programs available in the USA? 

The Anders Languages, USA residence is the place for a Spanish immersion course for students seeking an American-serviced yet Latino experience.

Is it possible to learn Spanish in three months? 

Yes, it’s possible for students to learn Spanish in three months. 

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