Foreign Exchange Students Programs for High Schoolers

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Willing to study abroad? Want to explore the choices available to you? The most crucial and challenging part is to pick the right one for you. Signing up for a student exchange program will change your life for the better. You will explore different cultures around you and gain more experience. 

The blog article will take you through some deep insights into foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers and the choices available to you. Let’s delve into the details of it! 

How to Choose Foreign Exchange Students Programs for High Schoolers?

You must first decide a few things in your mind on how to choose the best program of your choice. Some questions you can figure out are as follows:

  • How long do you want to study abroad? 
  • Do you want to earn transfer credits during your study abroad program?
  • Do you want to go to schools where English is a native language? 
  • Which country do you want to study in?
  • How long will be the program?
  • Cost of the Student Exchange Program? 

These are some questions one must ask themselves before signing up for a student exchange program. We must also check the support that each program offers. Such as: 

  • Do they help in your native language for easy support?
  • Are they provided with any visa services before or during the program? 
  • Do they offer you 24/7 support? 
  • Are they easily accessible in an emergency situation?
  • Does the program have a high rating? 
  • Lastly, does the program offer you an orientation program or not? 

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Types of Foreign Exchange Students Programs for High Schoolers

There are several foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers interested in studying abroad. Here are a few examples of foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers listed below: 

AFS-USA: AFS-USA offers several foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers, including semester programs, year-long programs and summer programs. Students can choose from a variety of countries and focus on academic coursework, language learning, or cultural immersion.

Rotary Youth Exchange: Rotary International offers foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers that allow students to study abroad for a year or a semester in over 100 countries! Students stay with the host families and also participate in cultural activities.  Additionally, students will also contribute to community service projects.

CIEE: High school study abroad opportunities are provided through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) in a number of nations. This includes programmes that are multilingual, academic exchange programmes, and last but not least, service-learning initiatives.  

EF Education First: Numerous high school study abroad programmes are available via EF Education First, including programmes for academic exchange, cultural immersion, and linguistic immersion. Students have the option of participating in activities like cooking courses, city tours, and outdoor excursions while choosing from more than 50 different nations.

Youth For Understanding (YFU): YFU offers high school exchange programs in over 50 countries, including academic year programs, semester programs, and summer programs. Students can choose from a variety of academic, cultural, and language immersion programs.

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List of Foreign Exchange Student Programs For High Schoolers

  • Ancestral Flavors: A Oaxacan Culinary Journey
  • Youth For Understanding (YFU)
  • AFS Intercultural Programs: Spain Summer Language Study
  • High School Program in Spain with Seville Abroad
  • Short and Long Term Programs with Homestay
  • Barcelona, Spain: Spanish Summer Immersion for HS Students
  • Summer Camp in Costa Rica – Spanish Camp!
  • Study abroad in France with AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Australia Plus Hawaii
  • Study Abroad Campus Education, Australia High School Program
  • Teen Language Camp in Salamanca, Spain with Greenheart
  • Mente Argentina: High School Program in Buenos Aires

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What is an Ideal Age to Study Abroad?

There is no ideal age for foreign exchange student programs for high schoolers. Studying abroad because everyone is different, but high school is a unique period of life when studying abroad may have a significant impact. It influences college and career decisions and aids students in becoming more self-reliant individuals. 

Sometimes, parents and instructors worry about their first-year high school kids studying abroad. However, rising sophomores make up around 20% of our student body. With three years of high school left, a study abroad experience lays the groundwork for long-term language and independent growth. 

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Can a high school exchange student from another country work in the US?

During their first academic year, F-1 students are not permitted to work off campus, but they are permitted to take on-campus employment under specific conditions and limits.

Which programme for student exchange is the best?

Services for International Cultural Exchange: One of the top high school study abroad programmes is offered by International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES). This NGO has been approved by several organisations and is a recognised J-1 sponsor by the US Department of State.

How can I apply to be a student on exchange abroad?

In order to be accepted into a student exchange programme: Consult a student exchange organisation to learn more about the different options. Also, check the eligibility criteria before applying. 

If you want to enhance your scholarly experience, participating in a student exchange program is a great way to start your abroad journey. For further assistance in choosing the right university to kickstart your professional career, contact our experts at Leverage Edu. Also, are you still waiting for the deadline to hit you? Apply for the January intake now, and book your 30-minute counselling with us.

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