5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Promotion

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The entire social media team turns to Simran because she is one of the most diligent employees in the company. She has been an integral part of the team for over a year and is doing an excellent job in every way. However, she has been lacking motivation for the past several days and feels cut off from her coworkers and the task at hand. Her team head, Akshay, approached her after observing her lack of vigor and energy and made an effort to ascertain the cause. Even though he understood the reason underlying this demotivation, he still wanted to be sure. 

Following a conversation with Simran, he gained assurance that he was right and that the reason for her lack of enthusiasm was that she had not been promoted. Rather than making her feel awful and terrible about not getting promoted, Akshay, who was also her mentor and with whom she got along well, tried to find out the reasons. Simran was able to think of a number of areas that she saw needed a lot of attention and improvements thanks to Akshay’s encouragement. 

Let’s examine the top 5 reasons why Simran, and many others like her, are not getting promotion. 

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1. Lack of Skills 

One must realize that getting promoted can increase your sense of overall job fulfillment by presenting you with exciting new challenges and responsibilities. Many people have the deeply held belief that promotions are only given out based on performance. A promotion entails a great deal of additional labor and duties in addition to an increase in title and pay. You might not be qualified for a higher position if you haven’t acquired the requisite abilities. 

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2. Being Defensive When Receiving Feedback

It is imperative to recognise the significance of feedback. Few people truly consider the feedback they receive. When people receive constructive criticism from their managers, they typically become defensive. Some even go so far as to devote more effort to proving their supervisors incorrect than to improving their work.  

Instead of trying to come out as defensive when receiving criticism, one should strive to see the bright side of things and consider what may be learned from it. 

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3. Don’t Take Initiative

For an array of reasons, including fear of criticism, introverted personalities, a lack of confidence, or just a simple dislike of being seen as problem solvers, many people frequently lack passion or initiative.  

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One must demonstrate enthusiasm, try to take the initiative and accomplish responsibilities in order to be considered for promotion. Rather than wracking your mind around a problem, write it down, examine the gaps, and figure out how you might contribute to its solution-building. In front of managers or higher authorities, working together to develop solutions and positive change usually makes a good impression. 

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4. Ability to Network

Having an attitude of just coming to the office and getting daily tasks done is not the one that will open up the doors for getting the promotion. Leadership roles require an outstanding level of networking abilities. If you can’t make connections within the team and the people you are working with, chances are you won’t be considered for the promotion. If you are not approachable and can not approach people across the team, expecting a promotion will break your heart. 

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5. Tenure in the Organisation

Employees in many companies are not eligible for promotions until after a specific amount of time has passed. Your length of service in the system may be one of the reasons you are not getting a promotion if you joined the company recently and haven’t yet achieved that stage. Your chances for senior positions in the system will only become attainable once a specific amount of time has passed, regardless of how strong your technical and soft skill set may be.

Simran realized why she was not shortlisted for the promotion after giving it some thought. Later, she expressed her gratitude to her mentor for helping her recognize that she needed to consider how she could get better in order to be ready for the promotion the following time. She also understood that developing the correct skill set is not the only key to succeeding. 

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What to do when you are not getting promoted?

It is important to first comprehend the reasons behind being eliminated from consideration for the promotion. You can prepare for the next promotion and make the best choice by comprehending and evaluating the factors.

How long is too long for not being considered for the promotion?

If a person has not been given consideration for a promotion after multiple cycles, they may think about changing jobs after two years in order to secure a better role and compensation at another organisation with more opportunities.

How to get promoted without even asking for it?

Consistently doing above and beyond work, hunger for growth, not a specific role, and working on self-improvement are some of the ways to be considered for the promotion without even asking straightaway for it. 

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