How to Sell a Pen in an Interview?

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How to sell a pen in an interview

In the world of sales, every interview is a chance to prove your worth, and sometimes, that means demonstrating your ability to sell a seemingly ordinary object, like a pen. The “Sell me this pen” question may sound like a tricky riddle, but it’s actually a valuable opportunity to showcase your sales skills, problem-solving abilities, and quick thinking. In this article, we’ll delve into the art of selling a pen in an interview and provide you with tips, expert advice, answer examples, and even strategies for selling a pen to someone who doesn’t initially want one.

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Why Recruiters Ask You “Sell Me This Pen” Question?

Before we dive into the strategies for asking this question, let’s understand why interviewers pose it in the first place. There are several compelling reasons behind this seemingly simple request:

  1. To Assess Your Sales Aptitude: Interviewers want to gauge your ability to sell a product, service, or idea effectively. This question serves as a litmus test for your sales skills and your capacity to persuade and influence others.
  2. To Test Your Problem-Solving Skills: Selling a pen isn’t always straightforward. Interviewers may challenge your pitch to see how you respond under pressure and adversity, evaluating your problem-solving skills in real-time.
  3. To Measure Your Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in sales, and interviewers want to assess your ability to listen attentively, persuade convincingly, and convey ideas clearly and concisely.
  4. To Evaluate Your Confidence: Confidence is a key attribute in sales. Interviewers use this question to test whether you remain composed and confident, even when faced with unexpected challenges. However, it’s important not to come across as overly confident or arrogant.
  5. To Assess Your Adaptability: Sales scenarios can vary, and interviewers want to see if you can adapt and adjust your approach to meet the unique needs of different customers. Adaptability is a crucial skill in the dynamic world of sales.
  6. To Evaluate Your Creativity: Creative thinking helps in finding unique solutions to complex problems. Interviewers are interested in your ability to think creatively and approach sales with innovation and originality.

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“Sell Me This Pen”: Best Answer Approach

Now that we understand why this question is asked, let’s explore the best approach to answering it effectively. The key to a successful response lies in asking questions rather than launching into a sales pitch:

  1. Understand the Product: Start by examining the pen closely or asking relevant questions if it’s an imaginary product. You must grasp its unique features and benefits to tailor your pitch effectively.
  2. Identify the Customer’s Needs: In sales, the focus is on solving the customer’s problem. Begin by asking open-ended questions to understand the customer’s preferences, habits, and needs. This insight will help you personalize your pitch.
  3. Highlight the Benefits: Once you’ve identified the customer’s needs, emphasize how the pen can address those needs. Instead of listing features, explain how the pen fulfills their requirements and makes their life easier.
  4. Create a Sense of Urgency: Utilize techniques like FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to encourage the customer to make a decision. This could involve limited-time offers, special promotions, or highlighting the pen’s exclusivity.

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“Sell Me This Pen” Answer Examples

To illustrate this approach, here’s an example of how you could respond to “Sell me this pen” during an interview:

“I’d be delighted to sell you this pen, but first, may I ask you a few questions? What do you currently use for writing, and where do you typically use it? Could you share your experience with your current writing tools and what you look for in a pen? If you were considering a different writing instrument, what factors would be important to you?”

Listen carefully to their responses and tailor your pitch accordingly:

“Excellent. Based on what you’ve shared, this pen is an ideal choice for you. It is written in black, which I understand is your preferred color. It also features a convenient pocket clip and uses smudge-proof ink, perfect for your frequent use on both paper and laminated documents. Moreover, this pen is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability for your frequent writing needs.

We’re so confident in this product that if it ever has any defects or breaks within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll replace it free of charge. Overall, I believe this pen is an excellent fit for you. Today, you can take advantage of our special promotion and get it at a 20% discount, valid only for today. We run promotions like this just twice a year. Would you like to seize this opportunity and purchase the pen at this exclusive price?”


Mastering the art of selling a pen in an interview is not just about pitching a product; it’s about demonstrating your sales aptitude, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. So, the next time you’re asked, “Sell me this pen,” approach it as an opportunity to shine and showcase your sales prowess.

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Q.1. What is the best way to sell a pen?

Ans: The best way to sell a pen is by highlighting its unique features and benefits, understanding the customer’s needs, creating a sense of urgency, demonstrating its quality, and offering a compelling price or package.

Q.2. How can you sell me this pen in an interview?

Ans: In an interview, I would start by asking about your needs and preferences, then tailor my pitch accordingly. I’d showcase the pen’s benefits, solve a problem you might have, create desire, and finally, ask for a sale while emphasizing its value.

Q.3. How do you sell a pen in 5 steps?

Ans: Here is the 5-step process for selling a pen:
-Engage the customer: Start a conversation to understand their needs.
-Highlight uniqueness: Describe the pen’s special features.
-Create desire: Explain how it can solve problems or make life easier.
-Demonstrate quality: Let them see and feel its craftsmanship.
-Close the deal: Ask for the sale confidently.

Q.4. How do you convince a customer to sell a pen?

Ans: To convince a customer to sell their pen, emphasize the benefits of parting with it, such as decluttering, making extra money, or helping someone in need. Offer a fair price and build trust by showing genuine interest in their satisfaction.

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