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VIT Hostel: VIT Hostels are more than just shelters above your head. The student housing here is intended to provide tenants with a comfortable stay. The student units at VIT are not only known for providing students with pleasant and sumptuous living conditions, but they also do not break the bank. Those who are concerned about their safety can rest assured as the hostel provides a safe, inclusive, and secure environment. Read the article to know more about the VIT Hostel. 

Establishment year  1984 
Ownership typePrivate Deemed To Be University
Campus size372 acre
Top accreditationsA ++ Grade by NAAC, MHRD
Recognised byUGC
Rankings (2023)#173 under the QS Asia World University category by
QS World University Rankings
Flagship coursesBTech, MTech

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VIT  Hostel Facilities 

The dorms/hostels of VIT campuses are well-known for being adequately furnished and well-stocked. Student accommodations offered by the institutes provide a wide range of services and necessities for one’s maintenance and comfort. The campus encompasses 24 hostels, 18 of which are for male students and the remainder for female students. VIT draws students from all around the country due to its lucrative programmes and cutting-edge research facilities. This entails a search for suitable and affordable student housing in and around the region. 

This is where the VIT Hostels come into play. These student housing options are ideal for individuals seeking such lodging. Every year, the campus welcomes about 22,000 students. Here, Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned single/shared rooms, a first aid centre, a pharmacy, photocopy services, food kiosks, a gymnasium (AC & Non-AC), a swimming pool, sports amenities, laundry services, high-speed Wi-Fi services, a beauty salon, a tailoring unit, dance/music classes, a utility shop, and spacious visitor rooms are available to students.

Reasons to Choose VIT Hostel(s) 

Students intending to move here can expect to come across rooms that come outfitted with Ergonomically designed furniture (including a cot, chair, study table, study lamp, bookshelf and a cupboard). Aside from that, students may be assured of a safe living environment thanks to the presence of residential counsellors, wardens, supervisors, maintenance workers, and security guards around the clock. Here are some more services provided by the VIT Vellore Hostels. 

  1. 24/7 Water and power supply (due to the availability of stand-by generators). 
  2. Students will be dropped off at the railway/bus stations safely by the security guards. 
  3.  Students belonging to different backgrounds can take guidance from the residential staff regarding any query. This promotes a sense of belonging and community on campus.
  4. The campus strives to provide a safe, friendly, and accepting environment for students from all over the country. 
  5. A Hostel review committee meeting is held every 15 days. The meetings are intended to answer questions and concerns presented by students living on campus. This assists authorities in identifying areas that need rectification.   
  6. Students on campus can engage with people from all walks of life due to the institution’s hospitable environment. 
  7. The campus does not entertain ragging and takes strict actions who do indulge in such activities. This ensures a safe ambience for students. 
  8. Students here will be provided with ample opportunities to engage in campus leadership, organizations and activities. This will help students develop relationships with faculty and staff members. 

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VIT  Hostel Food and Dining 

VIT Hostels are well-known for providing nutritious and sanitary meal alternatives to their students. Not only is the food quality excellent here, but there are numerous food options available at the hostel mess. This means that students here will never grow tired of the same old meals. Given the diversity of ethnicities on campus, the college endeavours to provide students with access to multi-cuisine catering services that serve vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Indian, and continental cuisine. 

Not only that but if you want to try something new and treat your taste buds, you may choose from a limited menu of exceptional meals that are only accessible with advance registration. VIT’s dining rooms open at 7 a.m., while the canteens that run at night are open from 10:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m.  Individuals concerned about food hygiene should rest assured given the mess kitchens are carefully sanitised and hygienically operated. Not only that but authorities ensure that canteen operators follow the culinary standards that have been established. 

VIT Hostel Mess Facilities 

The VIT hostels’ spacious and immaculate dining halls (veg/non-veg) incorporate a unique steam cooking system to ensure that students are provided with nutritious and balanced meals. Individuals who prefer Chinese cuisine are in for a treat, as the campus also has a Chinese food mess. The vast quantity of food selections offered at the VIT mess is one of its main draws, providing it with an advantage over other messes in the country. The campus food court delivers wonderful non-vegetarian and vegetarian fare at moderate pricing. 

VIT Vellore Hostel

VIT Vellore Hostels are reputed for their opulent and inexpensive student living quarters. Students here will be able to form long-lasting bonds and create great experiences here. The premise is great for those who have spent their entire life living in a bubble and want to break free and see the world in a new light. The campus and the hostel will provide ample opportunities to acquire and inculcate various real-life skills that would help one thrive in society. 

VIT Vellore Hostel Fees

Individuals intending to further their education at the VIT Vellore Campus can refer to the following table to go through the fee structure for both Indian and NRI students. 

VIT Vellore Hostel Fees (Two Semesters/10 Months) 
Total Estimated Fee(s) INR 60.85K to INR 1.35 Lakhs
Hostel Fee ( Indian Students) INR 60,848 to INR 1,34,548
Refundable Deposit (Indian Students) INR 15,000
Mess Charges (Indian Students) Veg: INR 56,200tNon-Veg: INR 63,400Special Mess: INR  72,300
Hostel Fee ( NRI/International Students) USD 1280 – USD 2910 ( INR 1 Lakh to INR 2.3 Lakhs). 
Refundable Deposit ( NRI/International Students) USD 400/ INR 30,000
Mess Charges ( NRI/International Students) Special Mess: USD 1125 (INR 92,000) 
Female (Indian) Hostel Fee Structure for First-Year Students (Range) INR (I.29 Lakhs- 2.20 Lakhs)- Inclusive of the hostel and mess charges*
Female (NRI) Hostel Fee Structure for First-Year Students (Range)USD 2,700- USD 4,300 (INR 2.21 Lakhs to INR 3.5 Lakhs)- Inclusive of the hostel and mess charges*
Male (Indian) Hostel Fee Structure for First-Year Students (Range) INR 1.21 Lakhs to INR 2.17 Lakhs (Inclusive of the hostel and mess charges*) 
Male (NRI) Hostel Fee Structure for First-Year Students (Range) USD 2,580 to USD 4,510 (INR 2.1 Lakhs to INR 3.7 Lakhs). 

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VIT Chennai Hostel

VIT Chennai Hostels are known for their comfort and affordability. Here, one can expect to get all the amenities and services required for one’s sustenance and comfort. 

VIT Chennai Hostel Fees

Individuals intending to further their education at the VIT Chennai Campus can refer to the following table to go through the fee structure of accommodation. 

Room Type Hostel FeesTotal Amount (including refundable deposit)
2 Bed ACINR 1.3 LakhsINR 1.4 Lakhs 
2 Bed Non ACINR 80,300INR 95,300
3 Bed ACINR 1.2 Lakhs INR 1.3 Lakhs 
3 Bed Non ACINR 72,400INR 87,400
4 Bed ACINR 1.1 Lakhs INR 1.2 Lakhs 
4 Bed Non ACINR 64,900INR 79,900
6 Bed ACINR 1.1 Lakhs INR 1.2 Lakhs 
6 Bed Non ACINR 57,800INR 72,800


What are VIT Vellore fees for 4 year BTech degree with a hostel?

BTech students can expect the VIT Vellore hostel fees to range between INR 60,848 to INR 1.34 lakhs (approx). The tuition fee for BTech in VIT Vellore is around INR 7.83 lakhs. BTech students can expect the total cost of accommodation and academics to be around INR 8.3 lakhs (annual). 

What are VIT Vellore hostel fees?

BTech students can expect the VIT Vellore Hostel Fees to range between INR 60,848 to INR 1.34 lakhs (approx).

What is the VIT Bhopal hostel fee?

The annual hostel feels of VIT Bhopal Campus ranges from 1.1 lakhs (approx) to 1.84 lakhs (approx). 

VIT Hostels are known for offering opulent and comfortable student lodging options at attractive prices. Those who aspire to further their study at VIT institutes and seek comfortable student housing services should go no further than the institute’s own residence options. 

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