10 Facts About Milk For a Healthier Life

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Every day, since childhood we have only heard our moms saying drink milk, either with bournvita or without it. That constant scolding of our mothers at least made us drink milk from the early days of life which had added so many benefits we might be unaware of. Have you ever thought about its benefits, why is it white, and why different animals’ milk tastes different? Nevertheless, we have prepared this list of facts about milk for you so you know the benefits and how it adds to your growth. Hop on to see the benefits. 

Facts about Milk

  1. Milk is one of the healthiest drinks with packed nutrients and pocket-friendly prices. Refer to the following to know the nutrient value of cow’s milk per 100 g
Nutrientper 100ml (in g)
Energy (kcal)63
Energy (kJ)265
Protein (g)3.4
Saturated Fat1.923
Carbohydrate (g)4.6
Trans Fat 10 
Vitamin D3.32
Vitamin A29 mcg
  1. One of the preservation techniques used in Russia even lately was that a frog was put on a glass of milk so that it does not turn sour. 
  1. Milk is white this fact about milk is universally known. But do you ever wonder, wonder? The colour of milk is white because of casein, a protein found only in milk. 
  1. As opposed to the common myth that whole milk increases weight and low-fat milk helps in weight loss, the bioactive substances of whole milk aid in weight loss. 
  1. Milk does not only benefit when consumed, it can also be used for external usage purposes. For instance, putting milk and besan pack to remove tanning is one of the most trending external uses of milk. 
  1. In the ancient cultures of the world, milk is considered to be the ‘Food of God.” Mik is placed at the foundational foods of many cultures, one such being India. 
  1. What do you like having post your workout? Some of you would answer this question with Protein. But milk can be a good replacement for people who are not lactose intolerant. 
  1. A report by CBS News says, that milk can prove to be a great hydrating drink. The fact is not this; the fact about milk is that it provides 1.5 times more hydration than water itself. 

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  1. The shelf life of milk is usually one or two days. But do you know if you add a pinch of salt to it and shake it well, the shelf life is increased by a week? 
  1. Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world? Well! All the Indians, be proud as a peacock, it is India. We produce 208,984,430 tonnes of milk. 

These are all the facts about milk you never know and why your mother constantly nagged about drinking milk. 

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