Is Arihant GK Enough For CDS and NDA?

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Is Arihant GK Enough For CDS and NDA?

Preparing for a government job can feel like a marathon, especially with General Knowledge (GK) being such a vast and unpredictable subject. You’ve probably heard of the Arihant GK book, a popular choice among exam warriors. But is it enough to slay the GK section of the CDS and NDA? Let’s break it down and see if it can be your ultimate study companion.

TitleArihant General Knowledge 2024 Edition by Manohar Pandey
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Number of Pages559
Dimensions20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm
Country of OriginIndia
ManufacturerArihant Publications India Limited

Arihant Book Overview

Don’t gamble your success by depending solely on Arihant GK. Use it effectively, and combine it with diverse resources and a proactive approach to learning. Stay updated, stay curious, and remember, that information is very important in this exam!

Book Structure

  • Regular updates on recent events and developments worldwide.
  • The entire syllabus is organized in a subject-wise manner for easy reference.

Book Features

  • Provides a thorough understanding of general knowledge topics.
  • Contains the most recent events and happenings globally.
  • Subjectwise theories are explained in a concise and understandable manner.
  • Illustrations, boxes, tables, charts, etc., aid in easy comprehension.
  • Ideal for competitive exams like SSC, CDS and NDA, UPSC, Railway, Bank exams, etc.

Why This Book?

  • Prepared according to the latest syllabus and exam patterns.
  • Offers conceptual clarity across various subject areas.
  • Includes coverage of the Interim Budget released on 1st February 2024.
  • Highly beneficial for updating general awareness of any exam.

Is Arihant GK A Reliable Source or Not?

There’s no doubt Arihant GK is a popular choice for aspirants. Past year toppers have also recommended this book for covering the gk section. It offers the following additional benefits:

  • From history and science to current affairs and politics, it covers a wide range of topics you’ll encounter in the exam.
  • The book breaks down information into manageable chunks, making it easier to learn and revise.
  • You’ll find a good amount of practice questions to test your understanding and identify areas needing more focus.

While Arihant GK is a great resource, relying solely on it might not be the wisest strategy. Since CDS and NDA questions are way too comprehensive in nature, Here’s why:

  • The GK section can be dynamic, with current affairs and specific events holding weight. Arihant might not always have the latest updates.
  • The book provides a good overview, but for in-depth knowledge, you might need to explore supplementary resources.
  • Entrance exams often assess your analytical skills. Sticking to just one source might limit your perspective.

Comparison: Lucent Vs  Arihant Vs S. Chand

We all know the struggle is real when it comes to the CDS and NDA exams, especially with that unpredictable GK section. CDS and NDA GK questions can be all over the place. Unlike some other exams, predicting the exact questions is nearly impossible. But fear not, there are ways to be prepared for anything they throw your way! Here’s what some past toppers recommend to conquer the GK section:

  • Lucent’s General Knowledge and Manohar Pandey’s book are both good for building a strong foundation. Give them a good two or three reads (just like one past topper did) and you’ll have a solid knowledge base.
  • The Hindu newspaper is your friend. Daily news keeps you sharp on current events, which are a big part of the GK section these days.
  • For those who have extra time and are super serious about cracking this exam, consider NCERT books (6th to 10th grade) for history, civics, geography, and science. They’re written clearly and can be a great source of factual information for the exam.

How Do You Master GK for CDS and NDA?

Think of Arihant GK as a strong foundation. Here’s how to build upon it. Develop a habit of reading newspapers and defense-related magazines to stay updated on current affairs. Supplement your knowledge with reference books for specific topics like history or science. Explore government websites, credible news portals, and even educational apps for a well-rounded understanding. The additional sources that must be referred include;

Book NamePublicationDirect Link to Buy
NCERT Textbooks (6th to 10th std.)NCERTBuy Now
Lucent’s General KnowledgeLucent PublicationBuy Now
Indian Economy PaperbackMcGraw Hill EducationBuy Now
Indian PolityMcGraw Hill EducationBuy Now
Environment And Ecology – A Complete Guide – R. RajagopalanLexis NexisBuy Now
Objective Question Bank General ScienceArihant Buy Now


Is Arihant GK enough for CDS?

Yes, Arihant GK covers a wide range of topics but supplement it with other sources for comprehensive preparation.

Is Arihant enough for NDA?

Arihant books can be a good starting point, but combine them with other resources for thorough NDA exam preparation.

Is Arihant good for GK?

Arihant’s GK books provide decent coverage but consider supplementing with newspapers, current affairs magazines, and online resources.

Is Arihant Pathfinder enough for CDS OTA?

Arihant Pathfinder is beneficial, but integrate it with other study materials to ensure comprehensive preparation for CDS OTA.

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