What is the Full Form of OCM? 

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What is the full form of OCM

The full form of OCM is Odisha Mining Corporation Limited. It was founded on 16 May 1956. IT started as a joint venture Company of the Government of Odisha and the Government of India. The company started with the objective of harnessing the mineral wealth of the State of Odisha through exploration, extraction as well and value addition.

Background of OCM

Four years after 1956, the company became a wholly State-owned Corporation of the Government of Odisha on 17 Nov 1961. The major minerals mined by Odisha Mining Corporation include Iron, Chrome, Manganese and Bauxite ore. All of these cater to the requirements of mineral-based industries such as steel, sponge iron, pig iron, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, aluminium etc.

After all these tears, the company has come a long way. It is now owned by the Corporation of the Government of Odisha. It has further established itself as the fastest and one of the largest mining companies in India.

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Vision of OMC

The vision of OMC is to become a world-class organization with mining as its core activity by providing the best of services. This should be in terms of its quality, profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, environment sustainability and much more. 

Mission of OMC

Here is the list which mentions the mission of the company. 

  • To be known by the highest ethical standards in the field of business.
  • In the end, all the customers should be happy through the prompt delivery of quality of materials and services. 
  • Generating income and promoting nation-building through the provision of chances for independent work.
  • Addressing concerns relating to people, with a focus on the community affected by the project, by providing consistent assistance through activities linked to peripheral development and corporate social responsibility.
  • A skilled and dedicated team working to achieve the company’s objectives through self-discipline and continuous skill improvement through training.
  • Maintaining productivity through innovations, tight quality control, and safe practices.

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