Difference Between Torque and Moment

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Difference Between Torque and Moment

In physics, the difference between torque and moment is that torque can be considered as the rotational force, whereas moment is the quantity representing the magnitude of force applied to a rotational system from the axis of rotation. Torque is dynamic, whereas moment is static. 

What is torque?

The force necessary to twist an object about an axis is known as torque. In linear kinematics, force is something that drives an object’s acceleration. It is similar to how torque results in angular acceleration. Thus, the definition of torque is the linear force multiplied by rotation. The axis of rotation is the point at which the object rotates. According to physics, torque is essentially the tendency of a force to twist or turn. Torque often refers to both the turning effect and the twisting force that produces motion. 

Formula of Torque

The formula used for Torque is T = rFsinθ


T = Torque,

R = Radius,

F = Force, and

Sinθ = angle between F and lever arm

What is moment?

A force’s moment is a measure of how likely it is to make a body revolve around an axis or point. This force is not the same for a body to translate, or move, in the force’s direction. In order to create a moment, the force must act on the body in a way that causes it to twist. This happens each time a force is applied in a way that prevents it from passing through the body’s centroid. A moment arises when a force acts without an equal and opposing force acting directly in its path.

Formula of Moment

The formula used to calculate the moment is M = F x D


M = Moment,

F = Force, and

D = Perpendicular distance from the line of action

Difference between torque and moment

Here in this section, we have stated the most important differences between torque and moment:

Based onTorqueMoment
MeaningRefers to the twisting and measure of turning an object
The perpendicular length between the force of action and the point of turn 
ConclusionIt mainly concludes the force that rotates the object
It is the force that helps to move the object
Type of ForceIt is a dynamic force
It is the static force
Angular Acceleration creationCan help create de-acceleration or angular acceleration
Moment cannot
Applied whenApplied when an object has to be rotated
It is a non-rotational movement
SI UnitNewton-metre (N-m)
Newton-metre (N-m)
Calculationて = r x F x sinθ
M = F x D


What are the similarities between torque and moment?

Despite their differences, torque and moment are related to one another in terms of how a force rotates along its line of action.

What is the SI unit of moment?

Newton-metre (N-m) is the SI unit of moment. 

What is the symbol of torque?

Symbol of torque is て. 

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