Yukon College

Public University

Whitehorse, Canada

Established in 1983, Yukon College, a university and a community college in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, tells us one of the best success stories of the institution building. Started as the Yukon Vocational and Technical Training center which has been operating since 1963, Yukon College was granted th Read more



Highlights of Yukon College

  • The programs at Yukon College are designed in such a way that one can allow Yukoners to stay in Yukon while completing post-secondary studies.
  • Yukon College also has Yukon Research Center which always lead the state’s major research centers and institutes in a very practical way. 
  • The university also has partnerships with University of Regina,  University of Northern British Columbia, University of Alaska Southeast and University of British Columbia and many more. 
  • Yukon College also run First Nations Initiatives department which is started with an aim to preserve and spread the awareness about Yukon’s culture, history, values, etc. 
  • The university receives grants to run the First Nations Initiatives from the State Education Department. 
  • Being a member of the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer and BC Council on Admissions and Transfer, Yukon College offers the first two years of university transfers. 
  • In the past, the university partnered up with local industry and government to introduce contract training programs at different campuses. 

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