Vancouver Community College

Public University

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Situated in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver, Vancouver Community College was established in 1965. Started as a Vancouver City College, the college was the result of merger of four academic colleges namely the Vancouver Vocational Institute, and the King Edward Senior Matriculation and Cont Read more

Highlights of Vancouver Community College

  • The 4,000+ members of the academic staff run their own union named CUPE 4627 which works in the areas of instruction, program assistance, laboratory demonstration, research, IT, print, media technology, finance, Aboriginal, administrative, bookstore, library, communication and food services.
  • For international students, Vancouver Community College also offers English as a Second Language program.
  • Since it is a public institution, the Board of Directors of 8 members runs the college administration on behalf of the Government of  British Columbia.
  • Vancouver Community College also has a student union, The Students' Union of Vancouver Community College (SUVCC) which was formed in 1974 with an aim to provide and encourage students to organize and participate in students affairs. It also organizes events, conferences and fests.
  • Vancouver Community College is proven to be very successful for the special students. It offers many of its programs in braille as a part of its TYPEWELL Initiative
  • The main campus at Downtown is accessible by Canada’s SKY TRAIN.
  • Vancouver Community College also offers number of scholarships including The Great-West Life, London Life & Canada Life Scholarship for New Canadians, Positive Space Scholarship, Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. Entrance Award, Jess Daniel Nichol Memorial Award and Pyrrha Scholarship and Dr Bik May Wai Scholarship.
  • Kevin Cherkas who is one of the renowned Chef in Canada is one of the notable alumni of Vancouver Community College.

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