University of Regensburg

Public University

Regensburg, Germany

The University of Regensburg, officially known as Universität Regensburg in German was established in 1962 in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. Though the University of Regensburg was established in 1960s but the idea of the establishment of its own university in the region of Bavaria had been going on Read more




Highlights of University of Regensburg

  • The University of Regensburg takes participation in SOCRATES programs as well as several TEMPUS programs.
  • The University of Regensburg is well regarded for the previous Pope, Pope Benedict XVI who served as a professor there until 1977 and formally retains his chair in theology.
  • The University of Regensburg was the first German university to introduce modularized study programs following the Bologna model.
  • The University of Regensburg is also reputed because of two research projects, "Higher Invariants -interactions between Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis" of the Faculty of Mathematics and the "Hadron Physics from Lattice QCD" of the Faculty of Physics, which are sponsored by German Research Association (DFG) 
  • According to the Handelsblatt Ranking 2014, the University of Regensburg’s Department of Business Administration was ranked among the best 25 in German-speaking Europe
  • The University of Regensburg has become a point of attraction because of the Botanischer Garten der Universität Regensburg, the university's botanical garden. 
  • The University of Regensburg has MoU signed with over 130 international universities from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Cyprus, the Baltic States, Asia, and Americas.

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