University of Hannover

Public University

Hannover, Germany

The University of Hannover is a public university, and is also known as Leibniz University Hannover, is one of the best science and technology universities in Germany. There are nine faculties and thirty-eight fields of study in this university. The university was founded on May 2nd, 1831. TU9 accre Read more


Highlights of University of Hannover

  • There are more than 160 courses from various subjects offered at this university.
  • The university has a great possession of faculty of around 300 professors.
  • Outstanding research level facilities are provided by the university.
  • It is among the best science and technology universities in Germany.
  • This university is affiliated with renowned associations, like TU9 and CASAER.
  • This university has a student population of around 24,000.
  • Famous Alumni
    Wilhelm Busch

    German poet

    David McAllister

    Member of the European Parliament

    Andreas Rebers


    Carl F. W. Borgward

    German engineer

    Horst Dreier

    German jurist

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