Tomsk State University

Public University

Tomsk, Russia

Tomsk State University (TSU) is one of the largest and oldest university situated in Siberia, Russia established in 1878. It is highly ranked among the renowned institutes of Education, Science, and Innovation across the globe. Tomsk State University has 42 leading scientific schools and 24 disserta Read more


Highlights of Tomsk State University

  • Tomsk State University has won the status of National Research University in Russia.
  • Highly talented and experienced teaching staff and educational experts are included in the faculty of the university.
  • The staff of Tomsk State University comprises of 31 members of the Academy of Sciences of the CIS, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences as well as of Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Moreover, Tomsk State University has founded Strategic Academic Units which include interdisciplinary postgraduate organizations that analyse the changes taking place in society, the natural and man-made atmosphere.
  • Famous Alumni
    Yury Yershov

    Russian mathematician

    Boris Schischkin

    Russian botanist

    Sergey Ivanov


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