Siberian State Medical University

Public University

Tomsk, Russia

Established in 1878, Siberian State Medical University is an ancient and very reputed medical university in Russia. The University possesses a number of top experienced internationally recognized physicians. The students who graduate from this University does not face any hurdles in acquiring high Read more

Highlights of Siberian State Medical University

  • The main objective of Siberian State Medical University is well being of the society through education, research and innovations in teaching.
  • There is a special department for international students at Siberian State Medical University.
  • Siberian State Medical University provides excellent academic programs at cheaper rates.
  • The university also offers scholarships for students from other countries.
  • The courses and programs are authorized by the leading organization of the world.
  • Famous Alumni
    Larisa Shoygu

    Russian Politician

    Alexander Sergeyevich Makarov

    Mayor of Tomsk

    Olga Kobyakova


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