Ningbo University

Public University

Ningbo, China

Ningbo University is located in the district named Jiangbei, China. It is one of the key Universities in Zhenjiang Province. It is a Government-funded University with Double First-Class discipline status. Keeping in mind the education of local citizens, This University was started in 1996. Yue-Kong Read more

Highlights of Ningbo University

  • The student to teacher ratio at Ningbo University is around 0.092.
  • The University offers various programs in sciences, technology, humanities, art and Literature.
  • There are various clubs in the University so that a student can choose any of these clubs and improve their talent in extracurricular activities. They have various clubs such as Kungfu club, painting and art club, calligraphy club, cricket and other sports clubs.
  • The International student's apartment offers double rooms, single rooms with various facilities such as TV, Bathroom, Toilet, and AC.
  • Including Registration, Tuition Fee, Hostel/Accommodation Fee, Health Insurance and miscellaneous fee, the total is around 120110/- RMB.
  • The University has a beautiful library situated inside the campus which is a place for various informative books, journals, and E-learning material. This Library can be accessed by various other colleges that are affiliated to this University.
  • As Ningbo University is a place for scholars, Campus placements are quite less as students prefer to continue in the research field and establish their careers as researchers. Engineering graduates from this University get placed in the topmost companies like Google, Xiaomi, Nokia, Amazon, etc

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