Moore College of Art and Design

Private University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States

Moore College of Art and Design had been the very first school in the USA to offer undergraduate programs only for women and has been in operation since 1848. At present, the school offers limited co-educational graduate, post-Baccalaureate, youth and adult continuing education programs to both men Read more

Highlights of Moore College of Art and Design

  • As per the fall 2018 data, the school had 373 BFA students, 18 graduate level students and 7 Post Baccalaureate students.
  • 2% of students on campus are international students.
  • As per 2019-2020, the cost of a BFA course at MCAD is $59,270.
  • The school grants scholarships worth $3.5 million each year to students with exceptional talent.
  • The school offers a $1000 Internship Fellowship award for each student completing an internship and also offers 5 Competitive Penny and Bob Fox Internship Fellowships of $3000 each.

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