Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

Public University

Villeurbanne, France

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon is Research University in Europe. It is one of the premier Institutions in France. The University is a University with various disciplines and global, at the core of the European Higher Education. The University was established in 1957 keeping in Read more



Highlights of Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

  • The teacher to student ratio in this University is around 0.11.
  • The Endowment of this University is around 162.3 Million Dollars.
  • Coming to student life, There are various facilities provided by the university for students such as sports, various clubs, library, cafeteria, and other basic amenities.
  • Various events that are conducted in the University are- Le Gala, Shrove Tuesday, Le Bal, Les 24 Heures, etc
  • The University even has various student associations for the welfare of its students, Some of them are- Le Bureau des Eleves, Alumni INSA Lyon, Forum Rhone-Alpes, Objectif 21, Exit, CLES FACIL, etc.
  • The University rankings are quite good compared to other Universities in France. It has been ranked number 1 by France weekly magazine-'Le Point', It has been ranked as 5th best University for the recruiters to recruit students, 2nd rank according to the magazine-'I Expansion', 2nd place in Computer Science and Engineering according to Le Monde rankings.
  • 1st rank by L'Express among 5-year schools.
  • The University conducts sports fest every year where people from various Universities across the globe come and participate in this colorful event. Around 11 students from this University participated in the Olympic games and won various medals. Two World champions in the Olympics have graduated from INSA.

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