Harbin Institute of Technology

Public University

Harbin, China

Founded in the year 1920, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was established as an international institution of science and engineering in the Chinese province. Today, this public institution stands as an open, research-driven, multi-disciplinary university, diving into diverse fields such as Mana Read more



Highlights of Harbin Institute of Technology

  • Over its three campuses, Harbin Institute of Technology has about 53,292 students (including 1157 international students) and 3,045 faculty members, maintaining a healthy student to faculty ratio
  • Its main campus (Harbin) follows the construction design of the Sino-Soviet friendship period of the 1940s in an area of 4,293 square kilometers
  • It has signed academic cooperation agreements with 316 institutions of higher education across 35 nations
  • With assistance from Chinese Scholarship Council and Chinese Government Scholarships, HIT offers scholarships to international students which exempt them from paying the tuition fee, accommodation fee, and registration fee, along with providing medical cover and expense cover
  • In 2018, it received a total research funding of USD 537 million from government, businesses, and the industry to foster their bold and innovative methodology to learning and teaching.

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