Gunma University

Public University

Maebashi, Japan

Located at a distance of 100 km northwest from the capital city of Tokyo, Gunma University was founded in 1949 as a member of the post World War II system of national universities in Japan. Along with GU, the Normal School for Teachers, Kiryu Dyeing and Weaving Vocational School, Maebashi Medical Co Read more

Highlights of Gunma University

  • An average of 5,200 undergraduates and 1,600 graduates enrol every year at Gunma University.
  • More than 300 international students enrol each year out of which 25-30 foreign students attend the university from GU’s overseas partner universities across the globe.
  • The university is spread across 4 campuses, i.e. Aramaki, Showa, Kiryu and Ota.

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