Fairfield University

Private University

Fairfield, United States

Fairfield University is a Private University in Fairfield, Connecticut. In 1942, It was established by the Society of Jesus. As of the recent records, around 4,100 Undergraduate students and 1,100 Graduates are studying at the University. The University has various programs including a Bachelors deg Read more


Highlights of Fairfield University

  • The teacher to student ratio of this campus is around 12:1. The average strength of a class is around 22.
  • According to the US News and World Report, it ranked 3rd in the Northern Regional Universities. Also, Best Undergraduate teaching- 1st Rank, Most Innovative students- 2nd rank and University with the Best value-12th Rank. Ranked the 9th best college for Undergraduate Business studies.
  • The Cosmopolitan Magazine placed it as 18th best University with the most beautiful campus.
  • According to US News and World Report, the University has been cited as one of the most selective universities in the US. The University accepts SAT scores and conducts interviews and selects the students based on their performance. Almost 90 percent of the students get financial assistance.
  • Coming to the region, Fairfield is a coastal town along a Long Island. It is nearly 60 miles away from NewYork. The city is famous for its beaches-Jennings and Penfield. Students can spend their free time on beaches and explore nature.
  • The main campus of the University is around 200 acres and consists of 35 buildings. The University's classrooms are named after various Jesuit priests.
  • The Campus Library, built-in 1971 contains various books, journals, and other resources that are useful for the students.
  • There are various services provided to the students apart from academics such as Community service, University student association, student media, and student activism. Various sports facilities such as Basketball, Lacross, Soccer, and Club sports.
  • The University promotes various artistic and cultural items.

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