Emerson College

Private University

Boston, United States

Situated in the wonderful city, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Emerson College was founded in 1880 in Boston. One year after Boston University closed its School of Oratory, Charles Emerson opened the Boston Conservatory of Elocution, Oratory, and Dramatic Art with only . 10 students. As a tribute to h Read more



Highlights of Emerson College

  • One of the founding members of ProArts Consortium, an association of six Boston institutes, is  Emerson College which has contributed to the Institution the most in terms of financial aid.
  • Emerson College has its own official magazine named Emertainment Monthly which is inspired by Entertainment Weekly.
  • It is one of the few universities in Boston to open Gender-Neutral Bathrooms on campus and residence halls in 2007 after the students in Emerson Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone (E.A.G.L.E.) and  the Student Government Association (S.G.A.) requested the administration.
  • Not just this, the staff and students of Emerson College also run the channel, the Emerson Channel which was launched in 1999 under the Television, Radio, and Film Department and received many awards.
  • Emerson College also has the Engagement Game Lab which is an applied research lab which aims to get people involved with civic engagement in innovative ways while studying in a digital era.
  • The college provides financial aid through scholarships and grants to 61% of students.
  • One of the largest student run award show, The EVVY Awards, is Emerson College annual award show which is judged by professionals but organized by students.

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