Crimean Federal University

Public University

Simferopol, Russia

Crimean Federal University, officially known as V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University is one of the top 10 Russian Federation universities. It was established in 1918 in Simferopol, Crimea, Russia. The university has a long history of research studies and production facilities. The history of th Read more



Highlights of Crimean Federal University

  • Crimean Federal University is known for the scientists who have developed and synthesized a new plant protection compound based on the DNA of the gypsy moth.
  • Crimean Federal University Scientists are also known for their discovery of  magnetic sensors to detect metal defects.
  • Crimean Federal University is well regarded for its MBBS program which is specially designed for the med students and is of the duration of 6 years.
  • After its establishment, Crimean Federal University became popular as a result of the researcher and scientists like Dmitry Shcherbakov (1922) and Igor Kurchatov, Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Kirill Sinelnikov (1923), Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Gleb Frank (1925) and Kirill Shchyolknin (1932).
  • Crimean Federal University hosts and organizes a wide range of both national and international conferences, forums and  roundtables talks for students and research scholars.
  • In an effort to build the cooperation, Crimean Federal University has signed agreements with leading national and foreign institutions for higher learning, regulatory authorities in Russia and abroad, Crimean and Russian companies and organizations.
  • Crimean Federal University’s medical programs have received the recognition from WHO and MCI.

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