Cambridge College

Public University

Boston, United Kingdom

In 1971, Eileen Moran Brown and Jordan Goldsmith founded the famous Cambridge College located in Boston, Massachusetts. Cambridge College is a private non-profit institution polishing thousands of students globally. The college offers a wide range of courses that are provided by the School of Educat Read more

Highlights of Cambridge College

  • Endowment value of the college is the U.S. $11.1 million.
  • Out of 93 colleges, Cambridge has been ranked 11 on a spectrum of Gender Equality.
  • The MBA program of the college was recognised as the “Largest MBA Program in Massachusetts” in Boston Business Journal’s List.
  • The college is amongst the 1,900 “military-friendly” Servicemember Opportunity Colleges.
  • Some notable alumni of the college include, Sandra Ramoutan, Linda Nathan, Saran Dey, Nikki Vettel.

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