Brandeis University

Private University

Waltham, United States

Founded in 1948, Brandeis University is a nonsectarian research university that opened as a reaction to the discrimination faced by ethnic and racial minorities, women and Jews in higher education. The University is named after Louis Dembitz Brandeis, who was the first Jewish Justice of U.S. Supreme Read more


Highlights of Brandeis University

  • In 2017, some of Brandeis University's faculty members were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine for their discoveries of the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms, the inner biological clock that regulates life on the planet.
  • US News ranked the institution at no.35 in National Universities.
  • It was also ranked no. 34 in Best Undergraduate Training by US news.
  • The Princeton Review (2019) ranked it No. 12 for Impact Schools.
  • U.S. News & World Report (2019) placed it at no.7 for Best Graduate School in Social Policy (Public Affairs).
  • This university's campus is spread across 235 acres of land.
  • Famous Alumni
    Geir Haarde

    Prime Minister

    Thomas L. Friedman

    Journalist and Author

    David Crane

    American Writer

    Mitch Albom

    American Author

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