IELTS Exam Fee in India: What you Need To Know  

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Indian IELTS aspirants intending to sit for IELTS Academic or General Training in 2024 must pay an exam fee of INR 16,250, or 196 USD. The IELTS exam fee usually remains constant ubiquitously across the globe. However, in certain nations, test-takers may see some variations in prices. That being said, read the article to know more about the IELTS exam fees in India. 

IELTS Exam Fee in India 2024

Do the IELTS exam fees differ from city to city in India?

In India, the IELTS exam boasts a standardized fee structure of INR 16,250 (equivalent to USD 196), applicable across all cities and states. This consistency in cost eliminates financial disparity and promotes fairness, guaranteeing an equitable examination experience for all test-takers throughout the nation. 

What is the IELTS Cancellation Fee? 

IELTS Cancellation Fee: IELTS test takers can cancel their exam, irrespective of whether they have registered for the test or not. However, the cancellation should be done within a set time frame before the scheduled test date. Individuals can cancel their IELTS registration by visiting the official IDP IELTS website and submitting a cancellation request in the ‘Test Taker’ portal. Now, if you cancel your IELTS application five weeks prior to the test date, you will receive a refund minus an administration fee.

IELTS Refund Policy

IELTS Refund Policy: The test takers who wish to cancel or postpone their IELTS exam must keep the following IELTS refund policy in mind. IELTS aspirants must keep these points in mind prior to sending a request for cancellation to the authorities. 

  • Individuals who take more than five weeks to cancel their IELTS application are eligible for refunds. However, there’s a catch in such scenarios. Such individuals will be more likely to have 25% of their administrative fee deducted from their refund.
  • Test takers will not be refunded their money if their cancellation occurs within a time frame of five weeks before the test date.
  • Individuals who do not appear on the exam date and haven’t sent a prior request for cancellation will not be refunded any money . 
  • Those who are able to provide a valid medical certificate within a span of 5 days of the test date will get refunds with certain deductions in administrative costs. 
  • Cancelling your IELTS application within five weeks of the test date will not entitle you to a refund. However, if you cancel more than five weeks before the scheduled test date, you will be eligible for a refund minus a 25% administrative fee.

IELTS Reschedule Fees 2024

IELTS test takers can reschedule their test dates by requesting a test day transfer. Now, it must be noted that rescheduling of IELTS is only possible if the individual is able to send in their requests five weeks before the scheduled test date. It’s important to note that the new test date must fall within three months of the original test date. Students are required to pay an amount of INR 3,300 to commence the test-day transfer. The rescheduling option in IELTS provides enough flexibility for students and allows them to choose test dates that suit them better. 

Can You Postpone Your IELTS Exam Date?

The IELTS exam can only be postponed in extreme circumstances. Otherwise, the IELTS exam cannot be postponed or rescheduled on short notice, especially not the day before the scheduled exam date. Take this, for instance: Say that you face a dire medical emergency 5 days before your exam; now, in this case, you can opt to postpone your test date only if you are able to present a valid medical certificate to the IELTS test administrator.

What is the IELTS Rechecking Fee in India? 

Test takers who are unsatisfied with their IELTS results during the initial evaluation rounds, can opt to request for a recheck This option allows individuals to send in their IELTS results for potential improvement. Students can opt for a recheck by submitting the ‘Enquiry on Results Form (EOR)’ and paying the requisite fee amount. Have a look at the table given below to go through the EOR fee for IELTS in India. 

Ielts exam fee in indian 2024

So that was all about the IELTS exam fee in India. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What is the IELTS exam fee in India? 

Ans: The IELTS exam fee in India is INR 16,250. 

Q2. What is the IELTS rescheduling fee in India? 

Ans: The IELTS rescheduling fee in India is INR 3,300. 

Q3. What is the IELTS rechecking fee in India? 

Ans: The IELTS rechecking fee in India is INR 12,200. 

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