6 Best Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses

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Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses

Documentary filmmaking courses are a powerful medium that you can help learn to capture real-life events, stories, and experiences through a non-fiction storytelling lens. They offer a unique opportunity to explore and understand the complexities of our world, shedding light on social, political, and cultural issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you have a great interest in a documentary filmmaking course and have no idea which one is affordable and the best course, In this complete article, we have added a list of some of the best online documentary filmmaking courses. 

Course Name Course Provider 
Secrets to Successful Documentary Film ProductionUdemy 
Advanced Video Editing: Essential Graphics & More in Adobe Premiere ProSkillshare 
Cinematic Documentary Filmmaking: Shoot, Edit, LaunchDomestika 
Documentary Filmmaking: From Idea to Reality (Online)Short Courses 
Short Film in Language TeachingFuture Learn 
Ken Burns Teaches Documentary FilmmakingClass Central 

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List of Best Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses 

Here are a few of the best online documentary filmmaking courses. Explore and choose your best course and start learning.

Secrets to Successful Documentary Film Production

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Udemy 

The course comprises a number of films that provide textual summaries of the material being covered. As the documentary is being filmed, the director/producer talks over all of the ideas, methods, tools, and creative processes that were employed. This is a real-life occurrence that will be helpful to people who record and edit video stories. The storyline strategies, editing concepts, and filming approaches are disclosed as each scene is explored. Since this is a real documentary, the lessons are not theoretical; rather, they are actual facts that you can observe for yourself. Even though the documentary was made independently, it was nevertheless sold to big networks. 

Level All Level 
Duration 4.5 hours 
Cost ₹449
Certificate of completionYes 

Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-by-example-gripping-tv-documentaries/?

Advanced Video Editing: Essential Graphics & More in Adobe Premiere Pro

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Skillshare 

We’re using some of Adobe Premiere Pro’s tools in this session to take our edits to the next level, such as the Essential Graphics Panel, their Closed Captions Panel, and dealing with slow-motion footage! Anyone who attended my course on the fundamentals of Premiere Pro, or who is familiar with the fundamentals and wants to advance their skills, will find this session to be very beneficial. Here’s how to import and synchronize a plug-in-free two-camera interview. The Essential visuals Panel, which includes customizing and adding free visuals to fit a certain brand. 

Level All Level 
Duration 10  Lessons (43 Min)
Cost Free 
Certificate of completionYes 


Cinematic Documentary Filmmaking: Shoot, Edit, Launch

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Domestika 

This lesson is about documentaries, especially those that are like movies! Have you noticed more documentaries lately? This is because it’s easier to make them now and people can watch them online. But what exactly is a documentary, and what makes it a “cinematic” one (like a movie)? This video will answer those questions. It’s part of a bigger online class that teaches you how to make your own short documentary, step-by-step!

Level Beginner
Duration 18 lessons (4h 4m)
Cost ₹199
Certificate of completionYes 


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Documentary Filmmaking: From Idea to Reality (Online)

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Short Courses

You will walk through every step of the pre-production process in detail in this course, including research, casting, drafting proposals, creating taster tapes, funding, and pitching. The goal of this course is to give you the confidence to move on with your film ideas and a deep understanding of how meticulous planning and preparation may result in a better film. You will practice reading aloud your movie synopsis in this session, receiving comments from the teacher. Next, you’ll discover more about the “industry” and how to secure funding or commissions for your movies.

Level Beginner
Duration 18 lessons (4h 4m)
Cost ₹199
Certificate of completionYes 


Short Film in Language Teaching

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Future Learn

This course is intended for language teachers in any context who wish to advance their professional knowledge of teaching methods that heavily use cinema. While educators with experience in any language will profit from the learning outcomes, those teaching Spanish or French would stand to gain the most. Go over all the key points. Talk about the guiding ideas for using short films in language instruction as well as how to create engaging lesson plans when using films in language instruction. 

Level Beginner
Duration 3 weeks
Cost ₹4,550 for one whole year
Certificate of completionYes 

Website: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/short-film-language-teaching

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses
Credit: Class Central 

Discover how Ken captivates viewers with his ability to distill in-depth research and nuanced realities into gripping storylines in this online cinema course. Ken shares his methods for creating documentaries that “wake the dead” by bringing the subjects’ tales to life, from the initial treatment to the last cut. In this training program for professionals Your early films, aspirations, and life experiences all serve as inspiration for your future work as a filmmaker. Discover the triumphs and tragedies of Ken’s debut film along with his guidance on tackling the filmmaking journey. Discover how to recognize character arcs, use conflict, and put judgment aside to create compelling nonfiction characters who accurately reflect the complexities of real life.

Level Beginner
Duration 4 hours 56 minutes
Cost Free
Certificate of completionYes 


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How to learn documentary filmmaking?

Here are the main steps to learning documentary filmmaking:
Find Your Documentary Story
Do Research For Your Documentary Film
Develop a Documentary Plan
Start Filming Your Documentary
Edit Your Documentary Film
Share Your Documentary Film With An Audience

How can I learn filmmaking online?

A growing collection of master classes for video that anyone may take to learn practical filmmaking and cinematography methods is the StudioBinder Film School. These video-based filmmaking classes are completely free.

Do documentary filmmakers make money?

Naturally, there is a chance that a documentary will bring in some cash. How much depends on a multitude of elements, including the film’s quality, its appeal, the marketing campaign, the size of the audience, etc. Discover how to SELL your movie to get numerous revenue streams.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details about Best Online Documentary Filmmaking Courses, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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