9+ Best Instructional Design Certificates

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Instructional Design Certificates

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape and the growing demand for online learning solutions, instructional design has emerged as a critical field. If you’re considering a career in instructional design or looking to enhance your existing skills, pursuing an instructional design certificate can be a game-changer. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of instructional design certificates, exploring their importance, benefits, and how to obtain one.

What is an Instructional Design Certificate?

An instructional design certificate is a formal recognition of your expertise in instructional design principles and practices. It signifies that you have acquired a specific set of knowledge and skills that are essential for designing effective learning experiences.

These certificates can be obtained through various educational institutions, both traditional universities and online platforms. ‘

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Top 10 Instructional Design Certificates

Selecting the right instructional design certificate program is crucial for your professional growth. While there are numerous options available, here are ten well-regarded programs that cater to a variety of needs and preferences:

Course NameProvidersDuration
Emeritus Professional Instructional Design CertificateEmeritus5 months
Become an Instructional DesignerLinkedin Learning14 hours
Online Course Creation: Intro to Instructional Design Skill Share2 hours
e-Learning EcologiesCoursera1 month
Instructional Design FoundationsCoursera1 month
Instructional Design Pro Part 1Udemy7 hours
Create Your First Course in Articulate Storyline 3Udemy3 hours
Adobe Captive CoursesUdemy2 hours
Instructional Design and Technology MicroMastersedX32 weeks
Introduction to Instructional DesignHarvard15 weeks

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1. What is the qualification of an Instructional Designer?

The qualification for an Instructional designer is mostly a bachelor’s and master’s degree in learning experience design and educational technology.

2. Which is the most popular instructional design model?

The most popular instructional design model is Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. 

3. What are the skills in the Instructional design model?

Some of the skills in instructional design models are Design, Articulate Storyline, E-Learning, Captivate, and Learning Management Systems. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page. 

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