Grist to the Mill Meaning, Example, Synonyms 

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The meaning of “Grist to the mill” as an idiomatic expression refers to something that is useful or advantageous. Especially in terms of providing material or information for a particular purpose or goal. It signifies the idea of contributing to the progress or success of a situation or endeavour.

The idiom “grist to the mill” originates from the milling industry, where ‘grist’ refers to grain that is brought to a mill to be ground into flour. 

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Usage with Examples

Nowadays, the idiom is used in a figurative sense, suggesting any input, information, or resource that can be used to further a cause, solve a problem, or achieve a goal. 

Let’s take a closer look at the examples given below to build a better usage of the idiom:

  • The recent data collected from customer surveys is grist to the mill for our product development team.
  • The negative feedback from our competitors only serves as a grist to the mill for us to improve our strategy.
  • The challenging case studies provided in the training session were grist to the mill for the participants’ problem-solving abilities.

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Grist to the Mill Synonyms

The following phrases are synonymous with the idiom Grist to the Mill:

  • Fodder for the mill
  • Meat for the mill
  • Material for the mill
  • Grains for the mill

Grist to the Mill Meaning Quiz

The controversy surrounding the issue gave the journalists the grist to the mill:

  • They needed to write impactful articles.
  • It was an answer to their longing to escape the project.
  • They could finally get a pay raise. 

Answer: They needed to write impactful articles.

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