To Move Heaven and Earth Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The idiom “to move heaven and earth” is used to express an extreme level of effort, determination, and dedication towards achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle. When someone says they are willing to “move heaven and earth” to accomplish something, they are emphasizing their commitment to doing whatever it takes, even if it seems nearly impossible or requires tremendous effort. This idiom conveys a sense of unwavering dedication and the willingness to go to great lengths to achieve a desired outcome.

Usage with Examples

The idiom “to move heaven and earth” can be found in various contexts, including literature, speeches, everyday conversation, and more. Here are a few examples of where it might be used:

  1. “With tears in his eyes, he vowed to move heaven and earth to find his lost daughter.”
  2. “The hero was determined to move heaven and earth to rescue the kingdom from the clutches of the evil sorcerer.”
  3. “In the face of adversity, we will unite as a community and move heaven and earth to rebuild what was lost.”

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Synonyms and Similar Words To move Heaven and Earth Idioms 

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words for to move heaven and earth idiom:

  • Bend over backwards
  • Leave no stone unturned
  • Pull out all the stops
  • Go the extra mile
  • Strain every nerve
  • Put in the hard yards
  • Give it one’s all
  • Go to great lengths
  • Spare no effort
  • Move mountains

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To Balance the Books Idiom Idiom Quiz

The accountant was meticulous in her work, carefully checking all financial records to balance the books.

  • To organize bookshelves neatly.
  • To ensure that all expenses are accounted for and match the income.
  • To read a variety of books.

Answer: (B)

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