Period Punctuation Mark (.): Usage, Rules and Examples

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A period punctuation mark, also known as a full stop in English, is used to showcase the closing of a sentence. It is the most commonly used punctuation in English grammar and sometimes occurs at the end of abbreviations. The punctuation mark is mainly used to conclude the sentence that is written. The use of periods looks easy, but there are few grammar rules about the full stop making them a little confusing. So, this blog will answer your concern about how to use period marks in sentences with the help of definitions, examples, and more in a way that boosts your grammar knowledge. 

Punctuation: A Quick Guide

What is Period Punctuation?

Period punctuation is a tiny dot structure (.) that is usually put at the end of a declarative sentence to show its ending. It occurs at the bottom side of the sentence and is also known as a full stop in British English. The Period mark follows the previous character without having a space after it. Moreover, there is a definitive break that is carried by these marks which is more noticeable than other punctuation marks within any sentence.  

Mr. Miller lives at the house next to me.
He lives in “341 Tentbrooke Ave.” 

When to Use Period Punctuation? 

There are mainly two purposes that period punctuation marks serve –

  • The main purpose of the full stop is to show that the sentence has been concluded. The period is the third punctuation mark that ends the sentence along with the exclamation mark (!) and question marks (?). It can only be used to put the end of commands such as imperative or declarative sentences.

For Example: 

The grass is green.
Wash the spoons before you use them.
  • The Period punctuation is used to indicate that some information such as a few letters has been removed from the sentence. Additionally, they are also used in abbreviations such as i.e., e.g., et al, etc., and c. Periods are sometimes used at the beginning of a sentence when only the first letter of the name or the word is present. 

For Example: 

They brought a pen, pencil, eraser, etc. for the competition.
W.G. Grace is known as the Father of Cricket.

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How to Use Period Punctuations in English?

The Period should be used at the right place along with other punctuation. Here, you will understand some important rules of using periods according to grammar rules in detail.

  • The Period usually comes after imperative and declarative sentences. They are normal sentences that communicate details without any urgency. The speaker must use a calm or neutral tone of voice without any emotion loudly.

For Example:- Sergio wore his brother’s t-shirt to the party. 

  • Indirect questions are a type of declarative sentence that discusses indirect questions like describing a question asked by a person. They are declarative sentences, not interrogative ones that use a period rather than a question mark.

For Example:-

Darrick asked what time

Larry asked if it was raining.

  • The period punctuation usage varies in different countries, cases, and the style guide. 

For Example, Mr. contains a period in American English while there is no period in Mr in British English.

Words in English GrammarAbbreviated Titles with Period
Bachelor of ArtsB.A.
Bachelor of TechnologyB.tech
Doctor of PhilosophyPh.D.
  • There are some cases where the name of the person is longer or he doesn’t want to disclose it so in this case the period is inserted such as A. B. Watson. Some cases are given below where the period is used:-
UsagePeriod Examples 
If the time period is given such as abbreviated days and monthsSat., Sun., Feb., Sept.
In the metric system, there are some units where the period is not used.kg, cm,
Non-metric measurement units like the American System include a periodlbs., in.
The Latin abbreviations always use periodse.g., c., etc., and i.e.

Rules of Period Punctuation Mark

  • An important rule of Period that is crucial is that if the sentence is closing with an abbreviation that contains a period, do not include another period punctuation mark. One-period usage is enough in this case.

For example:

Incorrect❎: He spent the day watching movies, playing video games, painting, etc..

Correct✅: He spent the day watching movies, playing video games, painting, etc.

  • It is allowed to include a colon, semi-colon, or comma after a period, as long it is used for abbreviation.

For Example: Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, etc., are an excellent source of Vitamin C. 

  • The use of periods can also be observed in mathematics as some countries are there that use periods in place of commas for separation of the decimal part in a number such as 1.48.
Source: Sparkle English

Examples of Period Punctuation Mark

  • She said, “The concert is on Saturday.”
  • I love chicken curry.
  • The sky is blue.
  • Get me a screw.
  • The title of Lieutenant colonel is abbreviated as Lt. Col.
  • Donald Trump was the former president of the U.S.A.
  • My dog is a Bulldog. She is friendly.
  • The ice is really cold. Everyone knows that.
  • I’ve never owned a pet.
  • I am asking what the word is.

Period Punctuation Exercise

Periods punctuation marks exercise


Why period punctuation is used?

Period punctuation is mainly used to mark the end of an imperative and a declarative sentence. 

What are declarative sentences?

The declarative sentence is explained as a simple statement that helps in providing information about something or stating a fact. 

What is the difference between a comma and a period?

A comma is used to show a small break that occurs in the sentence. However, a period is used at the end of a sentence to indicate that it has come to an end.

When to use a period in a quote?

The period, in the end, is put under the quotation marks, while not being the quoted material part, until the quotation comes after a citation. If any citation in a phrase comes after the quotation, the period comes after the citation.

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This was all about the period punctuation mark along with its usage, rules, and more in grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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